Malaysian Tourist Guides Meeting


Perak's Tourist Guides

Over 90 members of the Malaysian Tourist Guides Council (MTGC) from throughout the country arrived in Ipoh on July 12 for their management seminar.

The delegation which arrived via KTM’s electric train was given a traditional Malay greeting complete with a cultural dance. On the platform to greet the delegation was Perak Tourist Association Chairman Hj. Mohd Odzman, officials from Tourism Malaysia, Perak Tourism and Perak Tourist Guides Association.

MTGC President Jimmy Leong Wie Kong

According to MTGC President, Jimmy Leong Wie Kong, the council holds their management seminar every two years and said the meeting in Ipoh was “timely to get an update on Perak’s products in view of Visit Perak Year 2012 next year.”

Commenting on his ETS train ride to the city, Leong commented that “the train service had the potential for KL City Tour groups to explore Ipoh on their Free Day”.