CUEPACS Wants Retirement Age To Be Raised


The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (CUEPACS) wants the retirement age of civil servants to be raised to 60 years; its President Dato’ Hj. Omar Osman said that Malaysians are physically fit and alert at that age and he would discuss this with Public Service Department (PSD). He was speaking during CUEPACS Perak AGM 2011 held in the Lands and Minerals Office. He added that CUEPACS wants PSD to include its five new claims in the new Integrated Competency Development Programme (PROSPECT).

Omar said CUEPACS wants the minimum basic salary to be RM920. The cost of living is increasing and families are facing difficulty in managing their expenses. When queried whether the civil service is overstaffed with 1.2 million employees, Omar defended that it is not excessive.

During the AGM, the official website of CUEPACS Perak was launched and Omar officially opened the new office on the First Floor of the Forest Department.


2 thoughts on “CUEPACS Wants Retirement Age To Be Raised

  1. Agree with you, Steven. Retirement age should be geographical; not in Malaysian context. We acknowledge that Malaysian population is ageing, but may not reach the critical stage as countries like Japan and some in Europe. This call this rather premature; I believe.

  2. Raising retirement age is mainly driven by the increasing costs of living. Unlike in yesteryear, retirement is fast becoming unaffordable because the costs of basic needs keep rising, contrary to the government’s claim of a low inflation rate. Thus, even when workers reach an age that they can sit back and relax, they are forced by circumstance to continue to slog in order to continue earning a living. Some may not be able to really retire at all and have to work till they die.

    One problem is when the work that they do involves physical activity, eg cleaning, or moving about, eg dispatch or office boy. Old age will have an effect of their work and productivity, not to leave out well-being and safety. Hard work at an older age affects the body more because the body can’t sustain stress as well as when younger, and it takes a longer time to recover.

    Another issue is that in a slow-moving economy like in Malaysia now, jobs are not easy to find. There are not so many news jobs being created. Many recent graduates find themselves unemployed for a long time. Retirement is a natural process of replacing workers. So when the retirement age is raised, for the short term, retiring workers will continue in the jobs. New workers won’t be hired to replace them.

    Many people argue that many of the retiring workers are quite fit and healthy to continue working. It is a waste to not to utilize their vast experience gained over decades of work. This is true but unless new jobs creation can match the rate of people entering the workforce, retirement is needed to create job opportunities.

    Personally, I think that retirement age should not be raised. These workers have worked and paid their dues to society, and deserve their rest to enjoy the old age. But I also understand their predicament over rising costs of living. If they stopped working, they may not have enough money for living expenses. The government should look into this matter further, not just about raising retirement age but also how the high costs of living are affecting the rakyat, in particular retirees.

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