Pig Farmers Sign “I Promise” Agreement


Pig farmers in Perak have agreed to sign the Aku Janji (I Promise) agreement whereby they would put in place enhanced standards of hygiene at their farms. Perak State health chairman Dato’ Dr. Mah Hang Soon, who was present at the signing ceremony at the Veterinary Department in Ipoh, said that there are 131 licensed pig farmers in the state and 18 have already signed the Agreement. The Pig Farmers Association will get the signatures from the rest soon. Perak is the first state in the country to implement this system.

The purpose is to ensure that the highest standards of hygienic, environment-impacting practices are implemented and ensure safe pork is supplied to the consumers. Meat from dead pigs and “rubbish pork” (low-quality pork) will not be sold and enforcement officers from the department are to monitor the farms.