Top Class Ghazal


Kudos again to Greentown Indian Cultural Society (GICS) together with the Indian Cultural Centre Kuala Lumpur for presenting Ipoh residents with another top class Indian cultural event in the form of Ghazal or Hindustani Classical Songs.

Ghazal singer, Suman Devgan, rated as one of the top Ghazal singers in the world, kept the audience that night entertained and enthralled with her rich and melodious voice which she performed with emotional fervour.

When asked later she admitted that “whenever I sing I sing from the core of my heart”. Suman Devgan comes from a family of physicians “from my grandfather downwards” but I am the only musician in the family. I have loved music from the age of 7 and was initiated in Hindustani classical music. “However, it was after my marriage to an Indian Air Force officer that I considered going professional.”

Suman has been performing for almost 30 years and has a wide repertoire which explained why she was able to entertain song requests from the audience.

Equal praise too must be given to the 4 top-class musicians for complementing Suman’s singing and making every song sung by her a joy to listen to.


1 thought on “Top Class Ghazal

  1. suman devgan has sung nida fajli gazal wrongly -harghdi mujhse uljhta hai -correct is-harghdi khudse uljhna hai–

  2. Only sustained efforts and deep devotion to music can light the lamp and melt the ice – Tansen must have done it.

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