MBI acts on reader’s highlight



On 3 August Ipoh Echo received a call from a reader that a “dangerous looking building renovation” was ongoing at the junction Jalan Tawhil Azhar and Jalan Mustapha al-Bakri.

3 August. Ongoing renovation without netting or scaffolding

A drive to the location revealed that the building had its inner sections removed but left the “original walls” intact. The walls were tied with cables and secured to the inside of the buildings.

A “Temporary Work Permit” issued by MBI was displayed onsite. However there was no scaffolding or netting erected alongside the perimeter of the worksite. Additionally the notice board indicting the project details was not yet on display.

Ipoh Echo took photos of the worksite and presented them to officials of the MBI’s Building department to get their views on 5 August. No comments were forthcoming other than saying they would “look into it.”

8 August. Scaffolding, netting and fencing being erected

On Monday 8 August workmen at the worksite were seen erecting the fencing, scaffolding and netting. A call to MBI’s Buidling office revealed that a stop-work order had been issued until all safety measures were in place.

11 August.All safety requirements erected. Project notice board is displayed.

Another drive-by on Thursday 11 August revealed that all safety features were in place while the project notice board too was on display.



Ipoh Echo would like to thank “anonymous” for highlighting her concern.


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  1. I would say the the contractor is at wrong for not taking the necessary safety measures and the MBI is to be taken to task for not carrying out their routine checks.

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