Proposed Columbarium


The news reported in the Chinese & Star papers are hearsay, speculation, and very biased. The proposed Columbarium project is located in Ipoh Garden East, Taman Kemuncak.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tan Kean Choon, a graduate from International Cemetery Cremation Funeral Association (ICCFA University), certified Crematory Administrator. I am director of Haluan Ikhlas Sdn. Bhd. and the developer for the above project.

During the planning and design stage the company had taken due consideration and sensitivity of the residents. We are a caring company.

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On July 29, we had been instructed to give a briefing of our project to the One Stop Centre, Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh. Prior to this we had been through various departments and approved by our State Government with guidelines and conditions.

For your information, the Chinese and Star papers presented the facts wrongly. Allow me to address the main concerns of the residents regarding the Proposed Columbarium in Ipoh Garden East, Taman Kemuncak.

Pollution – we foresee 2 types: Air Pollution and Noise Pollution.

Air Pollution, we do not have a crematorium, so there will be no Air Pollution.

Noise Pollution, we do not have crematorium and land burial, so there will be no funeral procession and services in the Columbarium. They will come only a few days after their ceremonies and cremation, bringing only the ashes. There will be no drums and band processions, the funeral will already be over.

The Access (The road to the Columbarium)

We have alternative access from Jalan Tambun. We do not use the Taman road. In future, residents will use this alternative road because it’s convenient and no traffic jams. So it is a benefit.

Buffer Zone

The Company allocated about 70:30 ratio, 70% for the Buffer Zone. The nearest residential house is about ±200m away from our building.

Traffic Jam / Car Park

We have alternative access from Jalan Tambun so it will ease the problem. The Columbarium has 500 car-parking bays.

Eerie and Frightening Environment

For information, this columbarium will be a new landmark in ipoh, well landscaped and with recreational facilities. The surrounding land and area will be maintained; even the IWK sewerage system plant in Taman Kemuncak will be landscaped. We had written to IWK for permission. After completion, residents can seek permission to go in for morning walks because of the beautiful, serene and tranquil environment. Most important of all, safety is assured as we have 24-hour security.

Property Depreciation

With all the above work done, we are positive that it will add value to the property so the above concerns will not happen.

Finally, for general information, there are two other cemeteries: Indian and Muslim, in this area which were here long before us. Due to development, we are encroaching on this area’s cemetery land. At the main entrance to the Columbarium, left and right, the houses had been bought by the Company. Also those buildings appearing in the newspapers belong to the Company. The nearest resident to our property is about 200m away.

All the above issues had been foreseen and had been taken into consideration along with the sensitivity of the surrounding people during the planning stage. We are a caring and responsible company.

The late Tan Kean Choon
16 August 2011

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, Mr. Tan passed away just before publication of this letter. Our heartfelt condolences to his family.