Tap the People for a Successful Visit Perak Year 2012


By Mariam Mokhtar

It is now mid-September 2011 and January 2012 is just around the corner. For those who are unaware, 2012 is Visit Perak Year. Some people may believe that Perak is geared up for this very important year but are they being realistic? How many people are aware that 2012 is Visit Perak Year?

Questions, Questions and more Questions

Last July, the Ipoh Echo published a report which said that the calendar of events would be ready by September. Why have the authorities not engaged the general public to suggest ideas for events or venues? What do the Perakians know about the events planned for 2012? What has been the public’s participation in these?

How have the authorities presented the array of activities, venues or special exhibitions to showcase Perak to the whole world? The Ipoh Echo may be accessible locally and on-line but is this enough?

Who is the target audience for tourism Perak – the foreigners or local (Malaysian) tourists? Is the approach for each different?

Advance Planning

Everyone knows that the preparation and the promotional events for the Olympics are started well in advance and sponsorship obtained years before the site is ready.

In the schools our children attend, the school diary is prepared a year, or two, in advance; the schools know what events should be included in the academic year and it has a rough idea of who it plans to invite to give talks to the students.

Ideas from the People

Perak is not short of people who have interesting ideas. Why is their creativity not being tapped? Why do we shy away from engaging the wider public to participate in an event which will ultimately benefit them?

Our youth know what is fun and would be enjoyed by their peers. Perhaps competitions to create advertising slogans could be organised in schools to tap these young minds. Perhaps the winning entrant could be rewarded with a package holiday for him and a friend at a 5-star resort of his choice, in Perak. This might be the chance to promote the 3D2N package that was mentioned in the July 16 issue of Ipoh Echo.

People flying by MAS into KLIA are normally treated to a tourism Malaysia promotional advert on the monitors, prior to landing. Why are they not told that it is Visit Perak Year in 2012? Where are the flyers, or to save costs, a notice on their screens to inform them about the event?

Why are Tourism Malaysia offices overseas not promoting Perak at all? Many people book their holidays well in advance. Can’t we at least tempt them now, so they can include Perak as a possible destination?

We have a brilliant, direct bus service between KLIA and Ipoh, which very few people know about. There should be billboards as we arrive at KLIA showcasing Perak and telling them that they can go direct to Perak on this bus service. KLIA has nothing to tell the traveller about Perak.

Why can’t the authorities have adverts promoting Perak painted on the outside of buses and coaches outside of Perak? It is those people outside the state we need to entice.

In the run-up to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the London Underground printed a photo of the royal couple on the reverse of the Oyster tickets. Millions of people bought these tickets, which would otherwise be free, to keep as souvenirs of the event. Perhaps transit passengers, who land in KLIA, on their way to Australia and beyond, could be given transit boarding passes with Visit Perak on the reverse?

In-House Preparation

The most important preparation we should make is in-house. It has to do with cleanliness, hygiene and communication. There is little headway with filth and litter. Our streets are dirty and our drains support more plant growth than is found in some of our gardens. The smells from rotting food waste and the vermin that thrive on waste, lie beside some of our best food stalls. Where are the health inspectors and why is there a lack of enforcement?

If we are really serious about welcoming these visitors, we need to improve our cleanliness. Impose a heavy fine on those who litter indiscriminately and close down the establishments which continually break the rules. Perhaps the people in charge have different standards of hygiene or have a higher tolerance of filth.

As always, our local government seems to do things in fits and starts, it shows enthusiasm only when a minister or exco member shows interest. Communication and education within our community is poor. It is time we addressed this common failing.

6 thoughts on “Tap the People for a Successful Visit Perak Year 2012

  1. What I heard is that the State Government will spend 5 millions on promoting VPY2012. Hope that money will boast the promoting programs. As we here in Kg Dew Community project just new in this industry, we do need a lot of help in getting our self ready.

  2. Its September / October 2011, and we are still talking about planning??? Looks like this is what this article is all about. We should be talking about this in 2010!! Somebody should get fired or should not get re-elected. Buang duit betul la…

  3. Imagine I only just found out (last month in Aug) that 2012 is VPY and the clincher here is I found out while visiting Singapore…well, so ok, they are doing their job of promoting VPY 2012 outside the country, but come on, where’s the internal marketing? YOU – the local govt & councils – need your ‘internal people’ aka all Perakians to pull the whole thing off and make it a success. You need us to ‘buy in’ – at the end of the day, whether these tourists have a good impression of Perak and having the desire to re-visit ultimately depends on what they see in the community – not just how beautiful the roundabouts/memorials are (although they still need the upgrading work) …buck up! We’re only 3 mths away…do we have to wait another decade for the next VPY to get something of quality done? Don’t waste us taxpayers money that funded all those study tours of other cities to see how they do it – make it happen!

  4. Dear All

    One of the questions that was raised with the State Government, which was not answered in the August 15th, 2011 State Assembly sitting, as follows:

    “Minta Kerajaan Negeri maklumat program-program Tahun Melawat Negeri Perak 2012 dan bajet bagi tujuan promosi program-program tersebut”.

    It shows that State Government is not prepared at all !

    Warm Regards

    Yee Seu Kai
    Adun Pokok Assam, Taiping

  5. soorry to say VISIT PERAK 2012 will not success,but can only MAKE MONEY for someone who related.no well planning,no information,no joint venture with private sector…….no successful,VISIT PERAK 2012 is not only a slogan,is an event…..not just for a small group of people to spend BUDGET or MONEY (MAKE MONEY),is to promote and to succeed.
    not a politic stratergy.not POLITICIAN game,…..plslah!plan it properly,TQ

  6. The trouble is,the government doesn’t listen to the rakyat any more.They like to do things based on Frank Sinatra “I do it my way”No wonder,not many Perakians are aware of Visit Perak Year,including yours truly.For that matter,many people outside of Perak know it either.
    Perak indeed has a lot of interesting places,many cultures and festivals to boast of.The trouble is,it is not reaching to the ground and to the foreigners who will bring in the big bucks.We have Belum,Caves,Places of worships,Resorts,Bukit Larut and etc,etc.Marketting and Networking are the essence of promoting Perak to the locals and the foreigners.

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