SeeFoon Goes Grazing in Bercham


By See Foon Chan-Koppen

The one lament I have as I find myself adding yet another year to my age, is a constant reminder of the admonition from my beloved grandmother of “wide eyes, narrow stomach”. This is happening with increasing frequency, especially as many friends keep inviting me to try this and try that. I wish I had the appetite of yore, when eating at three different stalls or ordering from five in one go was never an issue and there were always ravenous mouths around on youthful friends.

Now, when I mention grazing to my foodie friends, they will groan and tell me to take it one eatery at a time. And so it is that while the title of this column is on grazing in Bercham I have to confess that I went there on a few separate occasions to sample the various items which I am recommending here today.

As readers will be familiar, I have reviewed quite a few places in Bercham, but they are mainly what I would refer to as ‘big meal’ locations. Today I am going to cover more snack food, a bowl of noodles here, a congee there and a plate of soya chicken over yonder.

Foo Kwai Curry Mee

To begin my grazing spree I was invited by Dr Anoop Kumar, one of my foodie friends, to sample the Curry Mee next to his clinic in Bercham. Rushing there at 10.30 a.m., I found the place packed to the gills and my group were seated on the pavement.

Restoran Foo Kwai is a corner coffee shop on Taman Bercham Jaya. Turn right on the third traffic light where Glamour Square is and immediately left onto Taman Bercham Jaya which runs parallel to the main road of Bercham.

Here the curry mee comes in a choice of wet or dry noodles and a plate of chicken curry can be ordered separately. The curry soup for the wet noodles was nicely ‘lemak’ (coconut-ty) without being cloying and there was a generous helping of bean sprouts and char siew (roast pork) that came with it. Similarly for the dry noodles which came with a soya based sauce but one can add either just the plain curry sauce or share an order of their chicken curry.

All Homemade

The chicken curry served here reminds me of the Hainanese curry that I used to eat in my youth; mild, the gravy thick with well-blended spices, the chicken tender and cooked with potatoes. This is a different curry from the one that is served as the curry noodle soup. The addition of this curry to the dry noodles makes for a lovely combination. The addition of their Yeong Liu makes for an even more interesting feast, especially if one is having the wet noodles. The dunking in of the various morsels and allowing them to soak up the curry soup is a taste sensation not to be missed.

Noteworthy here is the fact that all their ingredients are homemade, from the ‘Yeong Liu’ to their char siew, the latter being moist and luscious. While there, check out the velvety Soya Sauce Chicken from another stall operating from the same coffee shop. Curry noodles wet – RM3.70; Dry – RM3.30; plate of chicken curry – RM4-5.00; Yeong Liu – 70 cents each.

Comforting Congee

There is nothing more comforting than a bowl of hot Congee early in the morning or late at night for that matter and it was with that in mind that I went in search with my foodie friend Ginla Foo. Imagine our disappointment when we arrived around 10.00 p.m. to find the Fee Kee Porridge in Bercham closed.

Not to be deterred, I went back again the next day at lunchtime, having this hankering for a rare treat: the pig’s offal porridge. Its hard to locate a stall that sells this, let alone a good one and so armed with tiffin carriers, I descended on this outlet and brought home a variety of congees to taste.

I was not disappointed. The congee was the Cantonese style, smooth, not too viscous (although I would have preferred it more liquid) and very tasty. My suspicion of MSG was somewhat alleviated a few hours later with a verdict of ‘not too much’; bearable under the circumstances. There is a choice of chicken – RM3.30; pork offal – RM3.30; fish – RM4.00; pork and century eggs – RM4.50; and a YiMeen (fried egg noodles) mixed with your choice of ingredients – RM5.50. I also ordered an extra helping of the fried pig’s intestines which came mixed with fried Chinese crullers.

Fee Kee Porridge is easy to find, located on Bercham’s main road on the left just after the famous claypot rice shop, which is only open at night.

Foo Kwai Curry Noodles
243 Jalan Bercham, Desa Kenchana
Finishes just after lunch. Closed Tuesdays.

Fee Kee Porridge
552A (Lorong Bercham 5), Jalan Bercham
1.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.
Tel: 016-5623536

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