Cows grazing in the field at playground Jalan Lumut, Lim Gardens

Once the Pride of Lim Gardens


By Francis Vije

As far as memory serves me, I remember playing football every evening on this wonderful open field at Jalan Lumut. Playing football on this field from the age of 6 till 18 was a must for me every day. Not only was it a place of relaxation but it was a football field for the younger generation. Nowadays, my nephew and his friends play football daily on this field. It is my hope that my son and his friends will be the future generation of footballers who will enjoy what used to be a magnificent and majestic field. This field used to be the pride of every footballer in Lim Gardens and also the envy of every footballer from the neighbouring areas.

Shame of Lim Gardens

Now at the age of 41, I still play football on this field, although only on the weekends. However, this field is no longer the pride, but more of a bane of Lim Gardens. Here is a litany of ‘sins’:

  • The ground is uneven, due to cut grass not being cleared away, leaving clumps dotting the entire field.
  • The grass is overgrown and grass cutting is not carried out on a regular basis.
  • The drains around the field are clogged with no water movement and now provide an excellent place for mosquitoes to breed.
  • The drains are overgrown with weeds and lalang. Even a small tree was recently spotted sprouting from the drain.
  • The sides of the field are littered with garbage.
  • Even the goal posts are all rusted and one of it is now broken.
  • The fences at the back of the goal posts are broken with gaping holes in many places.
  • The benches in the field are very old and broken pieces of glass litter the ground beneath them and are not cleared away.
  • And recently, cows have invaded the field to graze and cause a mess.

As a long-time resident, it is my hope that MBI will take the necessary actions to preserve this nostalgic field in Lim Gardens. My recommendations are as follows:

  • Dig up the whole field and level the ground.
  • Have the grass cut at least every three weeks.
  • Change all the drains around the field, so that the water will be able to flow smoothly without being stagnant.
  • Have the drains cleared at least once every month.
  • Put proper garbage bins at the sides of the field, so that the residents have a proper place to throw their garbage.
  • Replace the broken goal post and have the goal posts painted with anti rust at least once every six months.
  • Replace the holes in the fences with proper fencing.
  • Replace the benches in the field with new ones. The current benches have been in existence since the 1970s.
  • Consider fencing up the whole field, as this will deter unsavoury people from using this field and prevent cows from causing a mess in the field, especially at night.

Ipoh used to have the reputation of being the cleanest city in all of Malaysia. Now it looks like we may have a new title: The Dirtiest.

11 thoughts on “Once the Pride of Lim Gardens

  1. Whatever that is highlighted about Lim Garden,many other areas around Ipoh are also facing similar concerns.
    Question here is WHY are we in such a state.
    Answer is simple,
    — those who are hired / entrusted to ensure the up keeping / cleanliness or maintenance of the drains,fields,roads,etc.are not doing their job as required and also there is no enforcement.
    ( In short our MPI / DBI is not discipline in ensuring the above.They are the authority who manage the up keeping of the various parks and tamans.All the various residences who have properties , are charged assessments and every six months we have to pay it to MPI/DBI.failing which we are charged additional penalty for the delay.
    We have various officers and counselors in charge of different areas,what are they doing,why are they not seeing and acting on the issues.
    To what I see, they just ‘tutup mata’ and just don’t want to question the responsible workers because they want to be nice guys.Just pass the time and collect the pay end of the month,if anyone complaint then only they act every busy and responsible.)
    MPI/DBI must be accountable for whatever condition a taman or park is.

    SO, I feel all of us need to put enough pressure on the AUTHORITIES IN CHARGE, if need to, we need to gang up and take them to court for failing to carry out their duties.If they can takes us to court for failing to pay summons, I think we as rate payer also have our rights.

  2. The recent flood episode in Manjoi, Taman merdeka and Taman Lim area is due to the overflooding of the Sg.Kati river. There was a water pump at the Taman merdeka area, to drain out the excess water, but currently, there’s a development project going on along the Sg.Kati riverbank, the pump is not working anymore. The result is the horror-flooding of the surounding area in the wee morning of Monday. In fact, the bridge connecting the short-cut route through Kampong Dato ahmad Said to the new housing estate near MacDonald, also had collapsed into the river, due to soil erosion under the bridge from the fast rushing water. Even until 4pm the following day, Tuesday, when I tried to used that short-cut, not knowing about the collapsed bridge, the river water was still very high and rushing fast. Drainage in Manjoi area is very bad.

    A mechanic workshop situated just after Taman merdeka to kampong Sungei kati is causing a big flood pool in front of its workshop everytime it rains. This workshop never bother to at least make a simple drain allowing the water to flow into the river. He just need a changkul and make a drainage path for the water to flow-out, that’s all. Cars and motorcyclists swerved left and right to avoid the flooded spot. To make it worse, cars waiting to be repaired are parked along the already narrow strip of road. So, one side of the road is already flooded and the other side of the road is narrowed by his customers’ car. Just waiting for an accident to happen!.

  3. The core anger of this comments, seem to be with this conclusion, “Ipoh used to have the reputation of being the cleanest city in all of Malaysia. Now it looks like we may have a new title: The Dirtiest.”

    My write up stopped at my recommendations.”Consider fencing up the whole field, as this will deter unsavoury people from using this field and prevent cows from causing a mess in the field, especially at night.”

    Should anyone have any further comments with regards to the conclusion, kindly forward them directly to the Editor. Thanks.

  4. Read the article on Lim Gardens. Sad to say that the writer only focused on the area opposite his house. He has not really going to other areas to see that how clean they are. MBI is doing a good job on the grass cutting, removal of kitchen garbage and the household items and garden trimmings.
    It is even sad to say that the Residents are responsible in throwing rubbish at the corners and junctions of roads. It is really shameful when educated residents behave as with no conscience in keeping the environment clean. Why cant the Residents dispose their own garden refuse on their own by using the services of the grass cutters who own lorrys.
    Of course there are drains that need to be repaired or replaced. Has the writer gone around Lim Gardens to see that 4 areas were repaired of the drains in the year 2012.One of it is Kandy Cresent where the whole drain system was upgraded.
    I understand that the Dato bandar is expected to come to Lim Garden on 7 March 2012, subject to confirmation, with the Councillor for Zone 8, Dato Daniel Tay.
    The Residents Committe of Lim Gardens will be handling the visit of the Mayor and during his visit all the issues with photographs will be handed over to the Mayor. The writer on the Lim Garden Issue could make himself available on the day of the visit of the Mayor.
    I wish that the Resident play their part in keeping the Taman clean. MBI will cooperate when approached, though they are slow in responding.

  5. Everyday, I used the Lim garden main road to avoid jalan Maxwell to go to my house in Manjoi. I prefer to use this route rather than going into kampng Manjoi because of too many lawless drivers and motorcyclists there. Lim Garden is a pleasant place and quiet, a very organised community. About the rubbish, yes they’re but more to the river-side, quite away from public eyes. Many of the residents are retired educated people and respectful people.

  6. I hope Ipoh Echo could remove the posting and comment from Francis Vije about Lim Gdn. Such a stupid demand and ugly sight of Lin Gdn. He made the whole world think Lim Gdn is dirtiest place in Malaysia. Come on man, I live in Lim Gdn too, but it is not as ugly as you had claimed. It makes me angry whenever I see your post and comments. Use your brain my friend. Do you think that MBI should always focus on Lim Gdn and nowhere else? Take your bicycle or motorbike or whatever transport go out of Lim Gdn and see how Ipoh looks like. Next time please don’t make people angry especially the people staying at Lim Gdn.

  7. I find that Mr.Shan Nair’s point of view and frustrations shown towards Mr.Francis Vije’s posting about Lim Garden is quite interesting and at the same time, made me realize that Mr.Shan Nair has a very justified arguments or shall I put it,way of seeing things in a better and different perspective.
    Firstly, he stressed that there’s is no gain by grumbling and complaining and at the same time the most positive thing highlighted by Mr.Shan Nair is, do not sit on the problem. The core matter is the issue involved, which is Lim Garden is dirty. So how do we bring ourselves forward to face the problem and find a solution to end the predicament which is bugging us all this while and settle it once and for all.
    The only one thing which I am bit taken off is that he used the unsuitable words towards Mr.Francis Vije such as ignorant idiot.
    Being an unselfish positive thinking man, I guess Mr. Shan Nair got a little pissed off when Mr.Francis post all the undone, unattended and not maintained Lim Gardens photographs and a host of statements and demands and the worst of all, claiming Ipoh is the dirtiest place in Malaysia only because Lim Gardens were not maintained by MBI.Even I too got a little angry by that claim by Mr. Francis Vije. My advice to Mr. Francis Vije please think positively and see in which way you could contribute to your place Lim Gardens and make it a better place to live in for you and your future grandchildren in the long run and to be able to play football with them in a well maintained field happily.

  8. Ipoh is not the dirtiest place in Malaysia, Lim Gardens is. Please remove the ugly photos of Lim Gardens. I am staying at LG, but my surroundings are kept clean, mind you not by MBI but myself and my neighbors. We don’t bargain or fall to the feet of MBI. We did asked through formal letters and visits to the MBI officers. Our appeals fell on deaf ears.
    We gathered almost every weekends and did the cleaning ourselves. Today our place is very clean and it is something to be proud of because through our endless work we sweat and toiled our place is now very clean and neat.
    Mr.Francis Vije, I understand your situation, the only solution lies with you.

  9. I would like to highlight to the writer Francis Vije, firstly Lim Gardens does not represent Ipoh entirely. If Lim Garden is the dirtiest, please find a solution or form a group of people consisting of those staying in LG and have a get together or whatever and try to solve the problem among yourselves instead of claiming that Ipoh is the dirtiest city in Malaysia and all that unfounded,brainless accusations of yours.
    To expect the MBI to paint the goal post minimum every 6 months once with anti rust, doesn’t it ever clicked to your ‘educated’ brain that what you are asking for is utter rubbish?
    If you are very concerned of your surroundings as what you’d claimed to be, by now definitely at least you could have the lawn cleared by hiring somebody to do that for your ‘beloved ‘Lim Gardens by using your own pocket money.
    Please stop whining and complaining this is not done, that is not done, I want this, it is my right, I am paying tax, it is very dangerous, dirty and all that nonsense! How perfect are you? If you are so perfect, you won’t be acting like an idiot and claim that entire Ipoh is the dirtiest place in Malaysia just because Lim Gardens is dirty.You are an ignorant idiot who is always so used to complain and grumble and so busy trying to find the shortfall of others where you had failed to see the worst part of yours which is proven on your own comments where you stupidly claimed that Ipoh is the dirtiest place in the country. Please grow up and the next time when you decided to post a comment please use your brain, if you have one before posting any comment !!!!!!!!!!

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