Hawker Food

Ipoh hawker food - Luk-Luk - steamboatIf you’re a Malaysian, chances are you’ll love luk-lukLuk-luk comes from the Cantonese word ‘luk’ which is to boil.  So the concept for luk-luk is like steamboat, except that the ingredients are presented on skewers.  The process is simple, just choose what you fancy, then dip your selected skewers into the hot boiling water until cooked.

These luk-luk stalls are usually set up on a vehicle such as a motorcycle or a van with up to 30 varieties of food ranging from meat to vegetables on skewers. The price is usually 70 cents per stick although there are some modern stalls located at pub areas offering not just the steamboat version, but also the barbeque version. These are usually priced above RM1.

The best thing about luk-luk is that you get to dip your cooked food in a variety of sauces. They are usually chilli, sweet sauce or satay sauce.  Some stalls offer tom yam sauce and sesame chilli sauce in addition to the standard sauces in order to attract more patrons.

Places to try in Ipoh:

Night markets

A variety of luk-luk stalls ply the night market scene, each offering anywhere between 25 to 30 varieties of luk-luk priced at 70 cents each.  Opens usually by 7pm till about 11pm.

Monday – Ipoh Jaya

Tuesday – Medan Ipoh (behind Tesco)

Wednesday – Stadium, Ipoh Garden, Rapat Setia

Thursday – Taman SPPK (Pasir Putih)

Friday – First Garden, Ampang

Saturday – Menglembu (near the flats)

Sunday – Taman Cempaka

Menglembu market

Stationed outside the market. Opens daily, beginning at around 3pm till evening. 70 cents per stick.


Stationed under a shady tree near the market.  Opens daily, beginning at 3pm till evening. 70 cents per stick.

Ipoh Garden South

Located opposite Kafe Sentosa, down the road from Pizza Hut. Opens daily, beginning at about 3.30pm till early morning. 70 cents per stick.

Pub areas

These vans offer both steamboat version, as well as the option to grill the ingredients. Prices above RM1 per stick. Located around Medan Ipoh, Persiaran Greenhill (outside St Patrick), Station 18 (behind Tesco Extra). Opens after 9pm till early morning.