Aiding the Palestinians


ipoh echo issue 140, Yayasan Bakti Gunong Keledang, Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM)Yayasan Bakti Gunong Keledang, in collaboration with Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM), presented a talk and film show at the Perak Culture and Arts Auditorium in Jalan Caldwell, Ipoh recently. The objective was to collect funds to initiate Viva Palestina 6 (VP6), the sixth aid convoy to help the stateless Palestinians. Fund raising activities by VPM began in early March.

Some RM1.72 million had been collected prior to the weekend show. The money will be used to rebuild 11 schools in the Gaza strip and the purchase of educational materials. Two founding members of VPM, Azra Banu and Siti Azura, were in attendance. Azra briefed the audience regarding the proposed convoy and how it would operate in face of opposition from the Israeli authorities.

Dato’ Megat Shahrani Megat Shahruddin, President of Kelab Bakti Gunong Keledang, in his opening remarks, thanked the audience for their generosity and hailed the two VPM volunteers, who will be with the convoy, as heroes for the cause of freedom.

The convoy will leave London for Gaza on April 22 and is expected to reach the troubled land on May 15. Those wishing for more details on VP6 can get them from VPM’s website: or email: