ipoh echo issue 140, Tenby Schools Ipoh annual production

Tenby Schools Ipoh Annual Production 2012


ipoh echo issue 140, Tenby Schools Ipoh annual productionTenby Schools Ipoh’s annual production on Saturday March 24, was a running success judging from public response. Two shows, one at 10.00 a.m. and the other at 8.00 p.m., were held at Dewan Leong Wan Chin, Sekolah Perempuan Perak, Ipoh.

Under the able guidance of Amy Crisp, 228 students, between the ages of 13 and 17, worked diligently for the past three months to put on a creative play called, “The Wiz”. It is a modern-day adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz” with a Malaysian twist. Dorothy, played by Monissha Thiagu and Siti Ayesha, travelled to Malacca, Thailand, Singapore and Sydney on a quest to return home.

Each act was complimented with an entertaining dance by the different classes from the school. Singers Kevin Harris and Foo Hoong Ming entertained the crowd during intermission.

ipoh echo issue 140, Tenby Schools Ipoh annual productionThe Tenby A-Level Curricular class staged the Shakespearean play, “Hamlet”, a culmination of its theatrical workshop which is an integral part of the curricular programme. Previous plays staged by the students were Macbeth, Julius Caesar and The Winter’s Tale. Hamlet was scripted by Kshitij Verma and Nikika Parlanti who also directed the play.

All props, costumes and dance choreography were crafted by both students and teachers. Their commitment was second to none and this was the hallmark of Tenby Schools’ success.