Time to Buck up Guys


 ipoh echo issue 141, Perak football, SeladangsIt’s definitely not time for fans to hold candlelight vigils or hold mass protest outside the Perak FA headquarters. But the time has arrived for Perak to sort things out and perform. Three defeats in their last four games have seen them slip down the pecking order to seventh place in the league, behind the likes of Negeri Sembilan and T-Team FC.

It has always been maintained that this Seladang squad is moderate, but well capable of ranking higher in the league. After surrendering their unbeaten home record to Lions XII, the classy touch has gone from their style of play. The FA Cup win against ATM was a rather scrappy affair while their performance in the 2-2 draw with PKNS was subdued.

Nevertheless, the fans have plenty of hope for the team. It is a known fact that the Seladangs biggest chance for silverware would be the FA Cup. But predictably, they failed to dispatch Terengganu in the quarter finals last month. That poor form was carried into their next game where Kelantan outshone them in Ipoh, winning by 2-0 in the process.it hard to convert chances. However, they became a serious problem when Norizan Bakar’s men were thrashed 3-0 at home by Kedah. Perak were absolutely shambolic on the day, struggling to match Kedah’s hardworking squad, while also showing no real determination on the pitch.

Yes, Perak did secure a much needed 2-1 victory against Kuala Lumpur on  April 7, but Norizan Bakar’s men were back to square one after yet another 1-2 defeat to Lions XII four days later. The Seladangs showed glimpses of their impressive form against V. Sundramoorthy’s men, but failed to sustain it for the whole match. Expectedly, Michal Kubala was perhaps the only Perak player that showed initiative during the match, working hard in midfield and scoring the equaliser.

The cracks within their confidence are beginning to increase and the pressure from fans is totally justified. There is a significant difference between losing and being defeated with dignity. While there is still time for a revival in fortune, it’s about time the Perak players buck up and work harder. Donning a Seladang jersey isn’t just about playing football; it’s about pride and dignity.