Flea Market Must Be Relocated


ipoh echo issue 142, Ipoh's flea marketI have been visiting the Sunday Flea Market from the time it was operating from the back lane behind Lam Looking Bazaar. The present location has become very congested and with three hotels operating on Horley Street, it is inconvenient for the guests. The location in the heart of the city centre is also causing traffic jams and parking problems for motorists.

There is a more suitable and convenient place from where this market can function. Medan Istana is deserted on Sundays. This is a very big rectangular area and cars can be parked along the roads on the perimeter. There are no busy roads nearby. Geographically the place is next to Jalan Lim Bo Seng, from where the present market is operating. A new road has been built from Jalan Lim Bo Seng to Medan Istana along the Kinta River.

Since this is a big area, MBI can be innovative and allocate dedicated areas to stalls, based on the products they sell. Stalls can be separated into those selling antiques and old items, shoes, clothes, trinkets and new items, fruits, food, etc. This would be convenient for shoppers and it would not be necessary for them to walk all over the place to look for what they want.

MBI must seriously consider this option and regular shoppers would support this move. It would also provide a better image to tourists and we can attract more local and international tourists. This is also one of the unique attractions of Ipoh.

A. Jeyaraj