Organic Farmer Gets Compensation


ipoh echo issue 142, lim garden floodSurin Kaur, an organic farmer who lost RM70,000 during the flood in Lim Garden was given a compensation of RM2,000 by the state government. S. Jayagopi, BN Co-ordinator handed the cheque to her.

Surin said that she had been in this business for about seven years in the same area. This is the first time her crops were devastated by flood. The chilli crop which was ready for harvesting was drowned by the flood waters. All her farm equipment was damaged; stocks of fertilisers and biopest repellent were washed away. Her nursery consisting of seedlings was spoilt.

The Agriculture Department said that it had no allocation to compensate her. She is discussing with FAMA which agreed to help her. Surin said that it would take her a few more months before she can resume normal cultivation.