Performance of Councillors to be Monitored


A “Know Your MBI Councillor” campaign has been initiated by some NGOs in Ipoh with the initial proposal for councillors to carry out self-appraisal through a questionnaire. The objectives of the campaign are to help ratepayers understand the roles and functions of city councillors.

ipoh echo issue 142, MBI councillors self-appraisalNone of the councillors responded and gave absurd reasons in the Chinese press for not doing so, one being they are not obliged to answer to the residents.

At a Press Conference recently, Cheng Heng Chung, spokesman for the group said that they will conduct a public survey in all 22 zones with a questionnaire with Yes/No answers for five simple questions. In each zone 50 residents will be interviewed. The survey will also be conducted through phone and email. It plans to complete the survey within one month ending on May 20. The responses will be compiled and made public.

For details please contact Ms Chan 013-5217234.