The Bonding Of Lasallians


While generations of ex-Michaelians are looking forward to the centenary celebrations of St Michael’s on September 29,  there is an upcoming event involving other Lasallian schools in Perak, known as Brothers’ Schools namely St George’s, St Anthony’s and St Michael’s.

ipoh echo issue 142, Lasallian schools, st michael's institutionChan Kok Keong, Chairman of the Regional Lasallian Education Council, announced that Founders’ Day will be celebrated on May 19 at the La Salle Centre which is located within the grounds of St Michael’s.

The dinner will be an occasion for the Principals, Board of Governors, PTA, Alumni and other stakeholders to meet for the fellowship and strengthen the bonds within the Lasallian family.

When asked to expand on the role and significance of celebration Founder’s day, Chan recalled some critical dates in the history of the Lasallian Fraternity:

  • The first school was founded in France more than 350 years ago by John Baptist de La Salle;
  • The Brothers first landed in Singapore in 1852;
  • The last Brother Director, Brother Paul Ho, retired from St Xavier’s Institution on June 21, 2009. Ironically, this was the first of the Lasallian schools in Asia;
  • A new district the Lasallian East Asia District or LEAD was formed on May 15, 2011. The Sector Head for Malaysia is Brother Anthony Rogers.

Chan characterised the work and role of the Council as being the epicentre for dissemination of the Lasallian spirit in the schools and wherever there are Lasallians.

When asked what the mission of La Salle schools is today, he said, “Our Mission is an inter-faith multi-cultural vision based on faith, service and community. We aim to educate the young people, especially, the poor and the needy. Focusing on the last, the least and the lost.”

For further details call La Salle Centre at 605-2559 220.