Finding Solutions to Bercham’s Traffic Woes


Bercham Councillor David Lai has been consistently trying to improve the traffic flow in his zone, Bercham.

Map of proposed traffic flow.

This time around he is proposing to improve the traffic flow for traffic originating from Taman Bercham Bestari, where Giant hypermarket is located, going across onto Jalan Bercham main road in the direction towards Bercham town.

The congestion from the Lintasan Perajurit 17 traffic lights till the Tesco Extra junction began in March when the entrance road into Bercham, from the PLUS highway via Taman Bercham Bistari, was opened simultaneously with the opening of the Giant hypermarket.

(4th from left) Councilor Lai at busy Bercham intersection

The problem of congestion was created when traffic originating from Taman Bercham Bistari wanted to go towards Bercham town and Ipoh Garden East via Lintasan Perajurit 17. During the peak hours from 5.00-7.00pm the congestion in the area can be quite chaotic, “during which time accidents have occurred” added Lai.

Marcus Lau, who manages the Caltex petrol station on Jalan Bercham confirmed Lai’s findings saying that “the number of customers during the peak time has declined since March because they are unable to drive into my station at that time”.

Lai will submit his traffic improvement proposal to Ipoh City Council’s engineering section at the end of May and anticipates the work will be completed within the month of June.

Lai (3rd from left) at the Tambun Road intersection

Lai then went to check on upgrading work being carried out at the slip road from the highway heading south leading onto Jalan Tambun. This will enable traffic to immediately turn right onto Jalan Tambun and immediately head towards Ipoh. The current flow has traffic heading towards Ipoh having to make a U-turn at Taman Tambun. The upgrading work will widen the existing road to allow for two lanes one heading towards Tambun and the other heading towards Ipoh. Traffic lights will be located at the intersection and will subsequently be synchronized with another two existing traffic lights to enable smooth traffic flow. The works was started in April and at the time of the visit was 30% completed. The total cost of this upgrade is RM400,000 and is anticipated to be completed by early August.


2 thoughts on “Finding Solutions to Bercham’s Traffic Woes

  1. I think the main problem is jln tasek, congested coz of the traffic light near the intersection where the egress from the highway. This makes the traffic congested from Bercham and only one lane exit out towards the town.
    The worrying things is that more shops are under construction now near Tesco and shall be worst in the near future.

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