Breakfast with MB


It’s not often one gets to breakfast with the Perak Chief Minister and his wife, but Chaw Chun Lian and his mother had the opportunity to do so one recent morning. Chaw, 18, who scored 12 As in last year’s Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination, was one of the seven students in Malaysia to receive such excellent results, becoming the top student in Perak. Zambry and Chaw exchanged gifts. The Chief Minister was visibly moved to receive a greeting card that said, “Happy Father’s Day”.

What caught Zambry’s attention was that despite his sterling results, Chaw failed to gain a place in a matriculation course. Working closely with the Chief Minister’s office, Chaw finally managed to gain a place to further his education. The former student of SMJK Sam Tet, Ipoh, who held two jobs after his SPM, will begin his one-year matriculation course at Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor in Banting, Selangor, taking yet another step towards his ambition of becoming a doctor.

Zambry congratulated Chaw and expressed hope that he would concentrate on his studies. He sympathised with Chaw’s situation and pledged to help him achieve his ambition. Chaw’s progress is now under the Chief Minister’s supervision.

Zambry will also be looking into the position of Chaw’s mother, who is currently a part-time sales promoter. Cheong Wai Yue, 41, is a single mother who had to raise two school-going children for the past 17 years. She has been put under the 1Azam programme, which will help her venture into business and be self-reliant.

When asked about his thoughts and feelings, Chaw thanked the Chief Minister and everyone else who had helped him to further his education. Upon graduation, Chaw would like to serve the people, preferably in Perak.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast with MB

  1. Students with inferior results of a different ethnic group would have been offered scholarships to study in overseas universities. They would be placed in private local education institutions to do a Foundation course (about RM60k/year) and sent overseas after passing. Getting into Matriculation meant that Chaw would only be getting into local public universities at best. While what Zambry has done is good, Chaw should expect and be getting better, especially with such outstanding results.

  2. so typical of a top student who truly need financial aid who is side stepped of a scholarship due to institutionalized racist policies.

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