Flood Woes Resolved


 Taman Lapangan Ria floodingFlooding due to unmitigated development, a bane for residents of Taman Lapangan Ria, will be over soon with the timely intervention by Senior Executive Councillor, Dato’ Hamidah Osman. Residents were up in arms over the tidak apa attitude of the developer whose carelessness has caused them many sleepless nights, especially when it rains.

The developer’s housing project is sited close to the housing estate. Due to a poorly designed drainage system, excess water from the developed site flows into the residents’ houses. Numerous complaints have been made to both the developer and Ipoh City Council but all fell on deaf ears. The residents’ final recourse was to bring their case to the attention of the state government.

A three-party meeting was held at Hamidah’s office recently to find an amicable solution to the problem. Among the decisions reached were, the developer agreed to relocate the retention wall six feet behind its present position and to reduce its height to eight feet. The developer will upgrade the existing drainage system to make it more reliable. A retention pond will be built nearby to collect excess water. The offending sewage pond will also be relocated 120 feet away from the nearest house. Ipoh City Council will oversee the implementation of these improvements and Hamidah will drop by to see the progress, from time to time.

Norbaini Jaafar, 51, the residents’ representative expressed his satisfaction with the meeting. He thanked the executive councillor for taking the initiative when it matters. “I am pleased that the lingering problem has been resolved without prejudice to any party,” said Hamidah to Ipoh Echo.