Gua Tempurung Challenge 2012


Gua Tempurung Gopeng PerakThe inaugural Gua Tempurong Challenge 2012, held within the confines of the iconic cave system, was a huge success. The 100-odd participants had to run a distance of 2km on a circuit outside the cave before entering the cave where they had to pass through four checkpoints. Crossing these checkpoints requires both dexterity and endurance.

The cap on participation, according to Puan Norzita, Director of APT Consortium Sdn Bhd and event organiser, was for reasons of safety. “We had expected a much smaller number but since the enthusiasm was great we had to relent,” she told Ipoh Echo. More security personnel were therefore deployed to ensure safety.

Dato’ Hamidah Osman, Executive Councillor for Tourism was on hand to flag off the run. Hamidah felt that the event would encourage people to visit Gua Tempurong and allow for a better usage of the site. “Hopefully, it’ll become an annual affair with a larger participation,” she added.

Mohd Ramzan Jani, 19, from Akademi Kulnari Kemas Malaysia was declared the winner. He took home RM1,000 in prize money. Runner-up was his younger brother, Mohd Alif, 15. He won RM700 while third-placed Sharbi Mohd Khawari, 34, a teacher from Teluk Intan, received RM500. All participants received a certificate each.


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  1. Gua Tempurung deserves respect and protection. A competitive race through the cave would have done untold damage. Stop this nonsense immediately!

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