Parent’s Day at Sri Murugan Centre


Sri Murugan Centre in Buntong, Parent’s DaySome 150 UPSR pupils and their parents celebrated Parent’s Day at the Sri Murugan Centre in Buntong recently. This is an annual event to show appreciation to parents and to recognise their contributions towards the betterment of children, particularly in the area of education.

At the gathering, four parents whose children underwent extra classes at Sri Murugan Centre, received special mention and were honoured for their achievements. They were ASP N. Ramesh for his recent promotion, B. Ganesh, K. Nantha Kumar and P. Chandra Sagaran for the conferment of PPT, PJK and AMP awards respectively by HRH Sultan Azlan Shah.

Perak State Coordinator for Sri Murugan Centre, Nachemuthu Karappannan, stressed the importance of having a family policy in place. Not only must parents ensure that time is spent on homework and revision they should also instil good manners in children.

After a poetry recital session by pupils, prizes were presented to ten top achievers in a recent internal test as encouragement to perform better in upcoming exams. Hampers were also presented to lucky draw winners.

There are about 850 exam-year pupils in Ipoh undergoing extra classes at various schools under the educational programmes managed by Sri Murugan Centre, a national centre for social and cultural advancement of Malaysian Indians. These programmes, which focus on religious and spiritual development of children, were introduced in Ipoh in 1983.