Stop constructing food court opposite Syariah Court


Jalan Maxwell, Jalan Taman PariA food court is being constructed at the traffic light junction of Maxwell Road and Jalan Taman Pari in front of the Syariah Court. This is a busy junction and motorists from Jalan Taman Pari turn into Maxwell Road and cut across to the right lane; causing a traffic jam. There is no parking facility here. Behind the food court, a new project consisting of shop houses is coming up. This is going to increase the parking problem and traffic congestion.

Abdul Halim Saad, Director, MBI Licensing and Enforcement Department demolished stalls in Kampong Pengkalan Pegoh because they were located at a dangerous spot along a busy road. If Abdul Hamid demolishes stalls in the outskirts of the city because they are in dangerous locations, then how was permission given for construction of a food court at this place? Why the double standard?

MBI officers must visit the site and put a stop to the project. No public hearing was held with the residents to get their views. Meanwhile there are stalls operating in the afternoon and at night in this area. There are also a number of restaurants. There is no need for a new food court at this particular place. The Syariah court has a large parking area which is mostly empty and if necessary, can build a food court there. This would be more appropriate.