Tun Razak Library must be opened on Sundays


Tun Razak Library is closed on Sundays and Mondays. I visit the library regularly. On weekdays most of the visitors are senior citizens reading newspapers and magazines. A number of working people have complained about the library being closed on Sundays; the day they are off work. Working parents can only bring their children to the library on Sundays. The library can attract more visitors if it is open on Sundays.

Recently a children’s playground with equipment has been constructed in the compound. This may induce parents to bring their children to read as well as play. If the library is opened on Sundays more parents would bring their children.

Library facility is one of the social services provided by MBI and it should be opened for at least six days per week and not run like a government department. If the library opens at 9am instead of 10am, maybe, students from the afternoon session can visit the library before going to school.

MBI should look into the operating hours of the library. It is meant for the public and must serve their needs. A survey can be done on those who visit the library to get their views.

Library User