Hamidah Visits Lenggong Valley


Lenggong ValleyLenggong ValleyDato’ Hamidah Osman and her tourism entourage visited Lenggong Valley recently to see things first-hand. Her concerns were the requirements stipulated by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation in reviewing the valley’s heritage status. A management plan has to be submitted to UNESCO by February 2014.

The most pressing issues are sign postings on roads leading to the Lenggong Archaeological Museum and Gallery and the availability of guides who can take tourists to the seven archeological sites scattered around Lenggong Valley. Since acquiring the heritage site status, visitors to Lenggong Valley have doubled.

To celebrate the pronouncement, Hamidah proposed an annual week-long fiesta around June 30, the date UNESCO declared Lenggong Valley as a World Heritage Site.

Infrastructure up-grading works are required. They range from lodging to transportation and promotion. She hoped the Federal Government could allocate a budget to liven up Lenggong Valley. The valley management committee should comprise representatives from the Department of Natural Heritage, Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Perak, MATTA, and even taxi drivers.

This is one tall order but with commitment the ultimate will be realised.