Cantonese Opera

Sung Hung Bor & Ko Lai

In conjunction with the annual Guan Di temple’s celebration in Batu Gajah, local Cantonese opera enthusiasts were given a rare treat of opera performance for 20 consecutively nights.

The troupe leader of Ching Yin Cantonese Opera Troupe, Choy Poh Peng had invited veteran opera performer from Hong Kong, Ko Lai and up-and-coming star Sung Hung Bor, taking the role of the main lead female “Dan” and male “Shen”, respectively. Ko Lai, a well-known Hong Kong opera performer, has a stream of local fans and followers. Her collaboration with Sung Hung Bor, had indeed proven to be a great hit among local fans.

 Lee Choe Leong

Ching Yin Cantonese Opera Troupe
Sung Kong Slaughtering His Concubine
Ching Yin Cantonese Opera Troupe
Sung Hung Bor & Fong Teck Har
Ching Yin Cantonese Opera Troupe
Choy Poh Peng – Troupe leader & Sung Hung Bor

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