Hockey – Mini-court


As a parent who plays hockey, I further develop the skills and knowledge of my 12-year-old boy who’s interested. We have been practising at the mini-court, in front of the indoor-stadium, and also at the open-air turf, when no one’s occupying it, or when the mini-court’s occupied, since 2009. We would play 1 or 2 times weekly, for half an hour or so. My son also trained with the 1-Mas Hockey programme. We stopped doing that since March ‘12, as my son had to concentrate on his UPSR. Last month, so as not to lose touch, we went there to have a ‘light workout’ at the open-air turf. The mini-court is now under renovation. The DBI workers, whom I know as we used to play there, told us not to play there anymore, as we did not book the turf. I wonder why the change in policy. What should I do?

Hockey Boy