Uncut Grass – 2 weeks or more?


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Augustine BasnayakeAugustine BasnayakeAugustine BasnayakeEvery other month I need to remind by way of photos as evidence that grass along the drains in Jalan Carlos Taman Ipoh has not been cut and that drains are being blocked! Ipoh Echo pointed out that grass is cut by contractors every two weeks.

Please see the photos attached and ascertain whether it had taken two weeks or two months for the grass to grow that much.

I am paying an odd-job labourer to clean the street along our houses so when are you sending the street cleaners if ever!

A large pile of rubbish (illegally dumped) has been accumulating for months behind the Gribbles Pathology store-house at No. 94 Jalan Carlos, Taman Ipoh, and none of the MBI staff seem to notice it! Yet I see the MBI van coming to warn or compound fine the contractor who keeps his pile of building bricks on the back lane!!! Is there any motivation of staff to be proactive?

I hope that MBI senior management takes notice that the public will not keep quiet anymore as they pay their taxes dutifully and want to see results and money’s worth in the efforts of MBI to govern a clean Ipoh City!

Augustine Basnayake
Taman Ipoh

1 thought on “Uncut Grass – 2 weeks or more?

  1. There are 85% more of these uncut grass or rubbish all over Ipoh….or even nation wide.
    Mentality is the main problem in this country, just visit our south neighbour, good governance to make good mentality .
    God bless the rakyat!

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