Ipoh City Councilors Sworn In

Twenty Four Ipoh’s City Councillors took their oath of office for the 2013 term on Thursday, January 4.
Ipoh Mayor Roshidi (seated centre) with Ipoh's City Councilors
Ipoh Mayor Roshidi (seated centre) with Ipoh’s City Councilors
The councillors’ new term begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. They were were sworn in before Ipoh Mayor, Dato’ Roshidi Hashim.
(left photo) Roshidi taking his Oath of Office. (right photo l-r) Reappointed Councilors Ceylyn Tay, Lai Kong Phooi and Peter Choong
(left photo) Roshidi taking his Oath of Office. (right photo l-r) Reappointed Councilors Ceylyn Tay, Lai Kong Phooi and Peter Choong
All 24 councilors, according to Roshidi, had agreed to their reappointment. Three, however, were told to “pull up their socks”.
Roshidi,, who was appointed to his mayoral post for the fifth term, thanked the Chief Minister for his trust and confidence.
The swearing-in ceremony. Councilor Vijay Chandran;leads in reciting the Oathof Office, signs his Acceptance Certificate and is acknowledged by Roshidi
The swearing-in ceremony. Councilor Vijay Chandran;leads in reciting the Oath of Office, signs his Acceptance Certificate after which is acknowledged by Roshidi
In congratulating the appointees, Roshidi said their reappointment was a recognition by the Council of their ability to perform. He reminded them to continue with their splendid work.
Each councilor will be assisted by two “Area Officers” who are staff of the Council.
The mayor advised the councilors to “turun padang” (go to the ground) so as to better understand the people they serve.
MBI’s emphasis for Year 2013 is “going back to the basic”. This means rubbish, drains and grass, as well as the maintenance of existing public facilities. The Council is determined to make Ipoh cheerful, clean and friendly for its residents.
Other Government Departments attended. 3rd from left front row is Muhammad Aszahari ACP Sum. 2nd from left secomdrow is
Other Government Departments attended. Front row, 3rd from left ACP Sum. Second row 2nd from left is Muhammad Aszahari
The swearing-in ceremony was attended by the Perak Information Department Director, Muhammad Aszahari Abdul Rahman and Ipoh Police Chief, ACP Sum Chang Keong.

7 thoughts on “Ipoh City Councilors Sworn In

  1. Echo – could you publish the names the councillors and how the public can get in touch with them. Might actually be helpful in some way.

  2. U are right Steven, MOST OF THE COUNCILORS ARE UNFIT………., can’t even converse in proper English, only interested in free trips, perks and allowances.

  3. Congratulations to Dato Daniel Tay for his reappointment as a Councillor. Immediate response from Tay, from the Residents complaints,
    is appreciated. The Lim Garden Residents Committee will work closely with Dato Daniel Tay and MBI for a better environment of Lim Garden. Apprecate MBI for keeping the drains generally clean,the collection of garbage 3 times a week, cutting of grass 2 times a month, tree trimming on request, removal of household items and garden refuse and repair of drains( at certain areas).

    A word of Thanks to JPS for immediate action in installing a diesel pump at Jalan Abdul Manap, Taman Muhibbah in controlling the level of storm water at these areas. MBI has taken the responsibility of mantaining the pump and some Residents keeping watch over the pump.

  4. Ipoh will continue to dwindle under this team of jaded and unaccomplished ‘representatives’. One more year of status quo. So much for hearing the voice of the people.

  5. Many of the councilors are not fit to be reappointed. The mayor indicated that just three councilors are not up to par but they were reappointed anyway. What a joke! Ask Ipoh residents and most councilors would get the thumb-down. Only the rare few like Dato’ Daniel Tay will get compliments for his hard work for the residents in his zone. All the more surprising when he is not a politician and not going after votes in the general election.

    The councilors should not just “turun padang” but “berada di padang”. They should be aware of what is happening even before an official complaint is lodged.

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