85% Clean Ipoh


During the full board meeting in September 2012, Ipoh City Hall set a goal to regain the status as the cleanest city during the 80s by year’s end. A promise was made by the Mayor of City Hall to clean up the city by the end of this year.

A few months have passed but there is little evidence City Hall is serious in fulfilling this goal. Every day City Hall receives at least 50 to 60 complaints. Residents where I live (Regat Kuala Kangsar) have made non-stop complaints since November last year before rubbish collection was made on Saturdays.

In the city centre the streets are swept daily (which is the easiest job) but the open drains are neglected. Most residential areas are in a shocking neglected state. The playgrounds and road shoulders are seldom cut, the roads littered with garden refuse and the drains clogged with several months of old grass and weeds.

‘Action Please’

1 thought on “85% Clean Ipoh

  1. To add on plus todays Ipoh echo on pg 6…Zambry warns Councillors to shape up or ship out…
    Interesting …talk for the sake of talking…NATO

    Look at
    #rubbish in the drains in the town area – 1 hour downpour flooded already
    #the place i m staying – Tmn Ipoh Jaya Timur – ur MBI workers come in clear up some rubbish in the drains, left the branches of those trees by the roadside n the same for the back lane – left by half day- working only half a day
    #we do not know who the councillors are????
    #difficult for us to look for them as their names r not being published for us to look for them …so buta allowances given to them …like this i also want to be a councillor

    This boils down to attitude of the MBI heads , KM Zambry n his exco…by right the Govt organization shld be alike a corporate company …fire those with proper evalaution, code of ethics etc…

    To grow Perak thios shld be the way ,…earn the rakyats respect …we alwiz keep Ipoh clean thru the rakyat BUT not the councillors

    Regards…OOI KIN HENG

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