Danger on the Streets of Ipoh


jerry_francisBy Jerry Francis

Are the exposed electrical wires at the base of the metal street lamp-posts (see pics) around Ipoh City safe to be touched?

This question is always on my mind whenever I come across them while walking along the busy streets and in some cases close to schools. There are not just one or two, there are a number – some with the covers missing, while others with the wires jutting out as the covers are loosely held.

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I get jittery each time I pass such exposed wires ever since I saw three buffaloes electrocuted in Silibin area some years ago. I am also reminded of the case where a 10-year-old boy was electrocuted when he accidentally fell and touched an exposed high-voltage wire on a lamp post at a playground near his house in Shah Alam last year.

My concern is what happens if someone, particularly children, unwittingly touched the wires while walking along the pavements.

Can the relevant authority give an assurance that such exposed wires are safe? If not, such negligence should be quickly looked into before mishaps occur.

2 thoughts on “Danger on the Streets of Ipoh

  1. We don’t foresee, let some drastic incident to happen, then only our work force will mobilize. All of us need a “wake up” call, not to mention those who are in authority. Perhaps, we must wait for some uncalled incident, then u see the repair men on work!

  2. I must agree with Mr. Jerry Francis. I have personally complained to DBI on the exposed wires at some lamp posts in town. I recall one occasion where the National Day Celebrations rehersal was going on. Right at divertion near the Ipoh Padang going into town there is a lamp post with the wires exposed. I did inform the respective dept.and no action was taken. I ereturned to the place again on the National day AND IT WAS STILL NOT RECTIFIED.Most probably a mishap needs to happen before it is corrected.

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