Is Indah Water Polluting Kinta River?


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Is Indah Water polluting Kinta RiverWhile visiting the Palong Tin Museum I noticed that the Indah Treatment Plant in Waller Court was pumping soapy water into the Kinta River. Plenty of foam was floating at the discharge point. Since the water in the river was hardly flowing, the foam was floating up to the middle of the river.

I spoke to Hamdi bin Bawan, Unit Manager of Indah Water, on the situation. The following day he called me and said that there was a malfunction in the plant and the problem had been solved. He thanked me for bringing this to his attention. However, when I visited the place a few days later I noticed that soapy water was still being discharged into the river.

I went to the Indah Treatment Plant in Merdeka Garden to see the situation there. I noticed that water was flowing out of the plant into the drain; it was gravity flow. The water was normal, not foamy.

Can Indah Water assure that the water being discharged is not polluting the river? What is the composition of the water? It is just upstream from the equipment that is measuring the quality of water in the river. Will this affect the measurement?

A. Jeyaraj