Kinta River a Tourist Attraction?


Thumbs Down

On a Sunday morning drive along Jalan Lim Bo Seng to visit the Memory Lane flea market, I noticed that the level of water in Kinta River was very low, the lowest I have ever seen.

Half of the dam built across the river to maintain minimum height of water in the river had collapsed and water was flowing freely. Many dead fishes were floating in the slow-moving water. Many dead fishes were also stuck at the side of the river and a fishy smell was strong.

Kinta River

A big log was lying on the river bed. Old debris was lying mostly at the side of the banks with other garbage and Indah Water is still discharging its foamy effluent into the river.

River Walk is being promoted as the latest tourist attraction in the city. What impression would  tourists have about our city when they see the condition of the river.

The Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) must immediately take remedial action and restore the river to its natural state.

Meanwhile, I went to Sungai Pari to see the condition there. From Jalan Raja Bridge I noticed the level of water was low, but was flowing freely. The water looked less muddy, hardly any garbage floating and there were no dead fishes. There was silting at the sides and many of the retaining concrete walls have collapsed. It looks like the river is not being maintained either.

A. Jeyaraj