Woolley Food City Ipoh Garden


Hawker Food

The Woolley Food City has been around a good many years and may be one of the first ‘modern’ food courts, which is ubiquitous nowadays. The concept of having one main stall supplying drinks was unheard of before. Surprisingly, a lot of people get Woolley mixed up with Aneka Selera (Glutton’s Square) which is just next to it. Woolley operates mainly for breakfast and lunch and most stalls close by 6pm and they don’t have fixed days for closing. With more than 15 stalls there’s something for everyone.

Woolley Food City

Things to try:

  • Sabah Pandan Rice sells rice and curry from RM4 onwards and on weekends they have pandan and wong keong (yellow kunyit) rice.
  • Ban Mee at RM4 and there is also Hor Hee
  • For fusion fare try the Fried Udon with prawns & Italian herbs (RM6.50) at Everfresh Fried Rice. There is also the Broccoli Salad with mayonnaise dressing at RM7.90
  • Tick Ke Prawn Mee Curry Mee – RM5.50 also has Prawn Mee at RM4
  • Bak Kut Tea (Teh) – RM9
  • If you like the sweet taste of lap cheong in Claypot Rice – RM5.80
  • Penang Banana Leaf Fried Koay Tiao with prawns, cockles and egg sells at RM4

Others include: Economy Rice with more than 30 varieties and Teochew Porridge, Beef Noodles and Chicken Soup Noodles, Saba Bento, Chee Cheong Fun, Rojak/Sotong Kangkong, Fong Kitchen, Pork Noodles, Happy Delicious Salted Chicken, and the Food Network selling pau and salted egg custard.