Kinta Riverfront Park Abandoned


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The Ipoh Waterfront Project spanning from Tanjung Rambutan to Pengkalan costing RM200 million was initiated by former Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali in 2004. The first phase of the project was Kinta Riverfront Park which was built at the site of former People’s Park costing RM4.4 million. It is located beside the Kinta River Bridge along Jalan Iskandar Shah (Hugh Low Street).

It has fountains, a children’s playground and a recreation pool for children. There are a number of shelters with benches. The trees along the perimeter provide shade. The anchor tenant was a nasi kandar restaurant.

The recreation pool is now dry and the fountains are not working. The restaurant has closed down. On a Sunday morning visit, the place was deserted except for old men sitting under the shelters. Youngsters were sleeping on the benches.


The pool was very popular with young children. With the pool closed there are hardly any visitors. The nasi kandar restaurant was also popular and when it was opened there was congestion along Jalan Iskandar Shah at night.

There is stagnant water in the basin of the fountains which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are also other receptacles containing stagnant water. Although the landscape contractor keeps the place relatively clean, which is easy due to the low numbers of visitors, however, the plants are not properly trimmed. Also there are signs that the contractor is burning garbage next to the river bank.


There are three entrances to the park through arches and the signages on the arches are missing.

At night, the lighting appears inadequate for a public park. Two ladies are running a stall with no sign of customers. It’s no wonder as there are no signboards and people are not aware of its existence.

I’m wondering why MBI is abandoning this park. This was one of the popular recreational places in the city.

A. Jeyaraj

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  1. Who to blame for the state it is now. I have been recently to the area mentioned, though the place is clean and well kept, but it is not being fully utilized. I suggest that the Mayor and his Team have a look at the place again and come out with practical ideas to make the place lively. This area serves as a green lung for the people of Ipoh.

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