New Animal Rescue Society for Ipoh


New Animal Rescue 1Animal Rescue Mission Society (ARMS) is a non-governmental organization which has managed to rescue and rehabilitate over 90 stray, abandoned and abused dogs in the city within five months. The rescue operations were started with a group of 10 dedicated volunteers and are still active up to this day. They strive to make Ipoh a stray-free city within the next five years. So far, 30 of these dogs have successfully found new owners and indeed, new lives.

ARMS’ objectives are to build a ‘NO KILL’ sanctuary to help stray domestic animals through adoption drives. They also want to establish a Bureau of Complaint and even for an Animal Police Department to ensure that the public may make reports on animal abuse, illegal breeding and selling, etc. They would also like to encourage the setting up of more government hospitals/clinics for animals to ensure that everybody can afford to treat, vaccinate, and neuter their pets and strays.

Founder S.S. Daniya said that the society has made good progress, despite the fact that it had only been started in February. They have set up a temporary shelter in Lahat for the rescued animals, which houses around 60 dogs. The shelter which was set up in May, only houses members of the canine population, as it does not have the necessary facilities to take in other animals.

However, Daniya claimed that the main problem faced by society currently was a lack of public awareness about the group and its activities. They do not have enough manpower to directly promote the society on a consistent basis. However, they have reached out to a number of Universities and corporations for assistance via Facebook.

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Daniya adds that the awareness is higher in other cities compared to Ipoh because there are many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that speak out for animal rights. She hopes to gain more publicity to change this.

Looking towards the future, Daniya outlined a number of plans for the society. There are plans to act as the official ‘dog catcher’ and pound for DBI that is well accepted and respected via handling of strays, rehabilitating and rehoming. They could assist the official bodies and the government in identifying and demolishing illegal breeding and trading of domestic and exotic animals. They would also like to establish a rescue team to clean up the streets of Ipoh. They aim to work closely with Independent Animal Rescuers in successfully operating the shelter and rehoming of animals.

“We are hoping to build a 2-acre sanctuary on the outskirts of the city to accommodate not only the canine population, but also cats, birds, and other animals that need help. To this end, we have been in contact with the Ipoh City Council (MBI) and the Menteri Besar’s office, the latter of which has responded favourably. Ipoh has incredible potential, as the people are very understanding and conscientious about the plight of animals. “All they need is food twice a day, and a place to stay and play.”

Members of the public who would like to find out more about the Animal Rescue Mission Society (ARMS) can visit their Facebook page at They can also call S.S. Daniya at 012-969 9194. Contributions in kind and cash are highly appreciated. For cash contributions, kindly bank in to Maybank Berhad under Pertubuhan Penyelamatan, Pemulihan Dan Perlindungan Haiwan Perak (ARMS) – 5082 8930 2659.

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  1. I highly commend your most humane approach to protect the rights and care and safety of animals, another of God’s wonderful creations for mankind/ womankind to cherish.

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