Dangers Lurking on Pavements


Jerry FrancisMy Say

By Jerry Francis

Sybas! Ipoh City Council for responding to the need to repair the dangers lurking on the pavements along some of the busy streets in the city. The city council had carried out the minor repairs by replacing the heavily corroded metal covers of manholes and missing interlocking bricks along the busy Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar.

Fearing that pedestrians could get hurt, I had highlighted these issues in June and had waited to see the response from the city council.

I was afraid that it would be yet another case of “no allocation” just as the missing drainage cover at the Pasir Pinji wet market where a number of people had fallen.

However, I was wrong. The quick response by the city council had also shown that  it is treating the comments from “My Say” as feedback. As I had said before it is not my intention to just criticize the administration, it is more as a means to bring some of the issues to their attention. I am glad that the city council had acted.


Recently, the Pasir Pinji state assemblyman Howard Lee Chuan How and his team of concerned residents had to collect funds from the public to carry out repairs and put a concrete cover to the drain. Lee claimed that his team had forwarded the issue of the missing drain cover to the city council and was told that a preliminary investigation would be done first. “Because there was no allocation yet, the team decided to collect funds from the public and solve the problem immediately,” he said.

Is it not the responsibility of the city council to ensure the roads and pavements in the city are safe? If so, why wait? It would save the city council from being sued should there be a mishap resulting from dangers along the pavements.