Reading Shelter Celebrates 4th Anniversary


Mother Teresa’s Reading Shelter (MTRS) celebrated its 4th anniversary by launching the F1F2 programme to cater for underprivileged children in Forms 1 and 2 in national schools who have come from vernacular schools.

Dr J. Anantham, Director of MTRS, said that this programme not only provides tuition for core subjects but also coaches students how to integrate with other students and get adjusted to the environment in national schools. There is a great demand for this programme, but due to restricted availability of facilities they can only accept 22 students. He thanked Yayasan Teratai for sponsoring the programme.

The Shelter also conducts many programmes, like Kindergarden, My Book My Pal Reading, Vocational Training, 3R Programme, Personal Development Sessions, Gardening & landscaping and other one-off activities.

The response to these programmes are not encouraging and they have to look for students, but there is demand for F1F2 classes which was started recently.

Two teenage girls have completed one year of tailoring and are still attending training. They can now sew women’s dresses and take orders. Samples of dresses stitched by them are on display at the Shelter. Guests admired the quality of their workmanship and a few were keen to get their dresses stitched by them.

Reading Shelter Celebrates 4th Anniversary

Anantham expressed the wish for the service to be more fully utilised. The reasons for this is attributed to ignorance and meaningless ‘pride’ of some of the parents and guardians of the children who will not allow the children to make use of the facilities.

The Shelter needs volunteers for Teaching 3R, conducting Personal Development Programmes and sponsors to carry out their activities. For further details call Mary at 011-2836 6019.