Dog Bounces Back!




dog bounces back

In the Ipoh Echo Issue 167 (June 1-15, 2013), News Roundup carried a heart-breaking story about a neglected dog in Mansion Park. ISPCA (Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) immediately contacted the owner and was told it wasn’t an abuse case.

ISPCA has been following the case closely and we are glad to inform readers of Ipoh Echo that the dog has been given a new lease of life, thanks to rescuers Judy Tze and Irene Boey.

Recently we visited Irene and found the dog, now called Abigail, in good health with a new coat of fur. Irene told us Abigail showed fast recovery within the first three months under her care. Abigail is now in the care of Irene’s father and her son Aaron.

Keith Yoong
ISPCA Vice-Secretary

3 thoughts on “Dog Bounces Back!

  1. The transformation is wonderful to see. It is indeed heartwarming to read about Abigail and how these great folk helped her.

  2. Please may I have the contact no of Aaron as I would like to
    Visit Abigail and thank Irene and Aaron .
    My contact no 0193348821
    Thank you

  3. ISPCA, Judy Tze, Irene Boey, and Aaron, Cheers to you for your effort in helping Divines creation. The cross section of society should emulate your contribution to people and environment.

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