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Banyan Spa with Jon Canas


Beauty is Health made Visible. This is the cornerstone of the Phyto 5 skin care range. Beauty has always been a highly prized element, and almost everyone, man or woman, lives life in pursuit of staying everlastingly beautiful.

The wellness seminar held at the Banyan Spa recently was not just another seminar promoting beauty and health. The skin care line called Phyto 5 is unique and certainly proves to be a product range that can deliver what it promises.

Passionate about the Phyto 5 skin care line, its founder Jon Canas explained the unique method used, which is based on the energetic principles of traditional Chinese medicine called Phytobiodermie. Natural ingredient products coupled with energetic tools provide a progressive, holistic and non-invasive way of creating inner wellness and beauty, hence the ‘Beauty is Health made Visible’ result.

Banyan Spa with Jon Canas

Banyan Spa is dedicated to ensuring its customers are given only the very best there is to offer. I had the pleasure of indulging in just such a therapy session. The session started with a Zen Body Exfoliating Scrub massage, which consisted of tiny non-invasive natural granules from Bamboo and Lotus. The Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter along with the Ylang-Ylang and Guaiac Wood essential oils added to the luxurious feel of the experience. Then my skin was treated to a hydrating milk and full body clay mask. The skillfully done massage coupled with such lovely and relaxing concoctions helped my body to de-stress almost immediately.

A 20-minute steam bath further cleansed and rejuvenated my skin while at the same time enhanced the detoxification process. By now almost all the kinks in my neck and back had melted away, leaving my muscles relaxed and my blood circulation improved. Then came the next wonderful surprise, the 5-element bath oils soak in the Jacuzzi. It was so relaxing that I actually dozed off and floated away to dreamland. Just when I thought my pleasurable experience was about to come to an end (as by now I was already about one and a half hours into the session), my body was treated to another luxurious aromatherapy massage. This Banyan signature Full Body Aromatherapy Massage is designed to incorporate a massage technique that will bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

All in all, it was a session I would rate with two thumbs up or more if I had more thumbs.

The experience of going through the different steps within the Phyto 5 range, left me completely happy with the results as I, looked and felt better, right from the first experience. Banyan Spa offers wellness and beauty treatments of Phyto 5 by working on vital energy without risks, thus making it the ideal treatment that has the potential to bring out the very best results.

Visit the Banyan Spa today if you want to stay healthy and beautiful, as you embark on a journey where Phyto 5 can give you the promise of ‘Beauty is Health made Visible’.

Serena Mui

Wellness Treatment @ Banyan Spa


beauty is health made visible !



Our industry is following the lead of the drug industry, seeking and introducing new chemical solutions as the modern answers to both medicine and beauty. PHYTO5 went counter-current in using natural ingredients: blends of essential oils in bases such as algae, clays, minerals, cereals, to which are included value-added ingredients such as vitamins and oligo-elements. BANYAN SPA introduced the use of light-therapy, using different colours of light, as a systematic adjunct to face and body treatments. Overall, our truly innovative breakthrough comes from the notion of working not only with products on skin but also using energetic tools to work on vital energy with energetic essential oils and light, the purest form of energy.

Few of us ever think of out immune system, or the elaborate system of vessels, valves and filters that make up our Lymphatic System. This system can get congested, causing clogging of the skin from the inside. The skin is our largest organ of detoxification, and when we cannot release toxins through our skin, our body has to find ways of storing and minimizing the negative effects of this toxic load. What begins as simply a cyst, psoriasis or acne becomes over time edema, chronic infections, vision issues and breathing difficulties. The longer we neglect these symptoms, the more serious the conditions will become.

Chroma-DrainageTM you can trust. It helps to detoxify our body and allow our lymphatic system to flow freely. This award-winning detox therapy system from Switzerland can help to increase lymphatic movement by gently pressing lymphatic fluid through the nodes and tissues of the body just under the surface of the skin.

Along with vibration and Chroma Therapy, this combination therapy is the secret behind the amazing results we achieve for everything from acne to cystic breasts to chronic bacterial infections to chronic edema. We recommend receiving lymphatic drainage treatments quarterly for optimal health. Developed with energetic natural products, this patented system has won awards throughout Europe and the U.S. Every product is based on hand. This determines how Detox Lymphatic Drainage will be applied and how it can change your body, your skin and your health with light, vibration and rhythmic drainage.

Today, many options exist for so-called “detox” solutions but do they deliver what is promised? We feel gratified when our clients get off the table and declare> “I feel better!” This happens when the flow of vital-energy is stimulated and balanced as a result of our treatments. The notion of prevention is also central to energy-work. It is at the core of Phytobiodermie – not only to address skin conditions but to maintain balanced skin at its best.

These wellness treatments are individually customized based on your month, day and year of birth. We utilize a Chinese Biorhythm chart along with our expertise and your input, o create a treatment that will address your concerns. These facials include therapeutic techniques that will address dark circles, wrinkled, fine lines and loss of tone, acne, balance of oils, sun damage and sensitive skin. We recommend this treatment for men and women of all ages.

Whether you are a woman who would like to relax, a man that is concerned with aging or shaving, a young lady with hormonal acne, a young man with breakouts, a bride preparing for her wedding day or visiting BANYAN SPA to experience your first wellness treatment… this treatment is customized to meet your expectations.

ChromaliftTM is an alternative or compliment to medical procedures. We perform a minimum of three facial treatments, commonly referred to as non-surgical face-lift. You will experience diminishing of lines, improved elasticity, texture and tone, leaving a radiant healthy complexion. Visible results are achieved just after a single treatment.

40 Jalan Raja Dihilir, 30350 Ipoh, Perak

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Banyan Spa – The Wellness Destination


By See Foon Chan-Koppen 

Foot Reflexology

With the Banyan Spa just around the corner from the Ipoh Echo office, it’s now becoming a habit for me to ‘pop in’ every now and then for a pampering treat.

As I was greeted by Penny Lai, the MD and the creative force behind the whole concept, I was struck by her glowing skin which, despite her gruelling schedule taking care of clients and managing the myriad details which a spa of this size entails, presents a vision of glowing vitality. When I asked her what her beauty secrets were, she replied without hesitation, “I use our Collin products especially the Regenerating Collagen Gel and I have the Chromalift facial once a week”.

This facial which I detailed in issue 121, is given using the Biodraineur machine coupled with the Chromapuncteur light machine and if Penny’s skin is testimony to its efficacy, I am ready to sign up for a course of them immediately.

This time however, I was there for a foot reflexology session and was led upstairs where a foot bath awaited me. The reflexology area is a haven of comfort with dim lights and as I sank into the arm chair, I allowed the rubbing, prodding and kneading of my feet to soothe away the hassles of the day and quickly fell into soporific bliss. The 60 minutes was soon up and I was asked to sit up on the stool while the therapist gave me a shoulder massage which went a long way to relax the taut muscles there. For RM68 for the session, I was relaxed and ready to wend my way home.

Foot reflexology can be had for RM58 without the shoulder massage and for those having other treatments at the spa, a mere RM38 as an add-on special. In my view, certainly well worth spending the extra hour.

On my way out the door I decided to stop in at the hair salon on the ground floor to check on the hair-washing facilities and was delighted to find that they have a most ergonomically designed chair that you lie on, and where one’s head is usually dangling uncomfortably over the edge of the basin, this one has a head support inside the sink providing relief for the neck. I picked up a brochure for their Shiseido Fuente Scalp Relaxing Treatment and made myself a promise to come back on another occasion for one especially since the hair washing facilities looked so comfortable. Apparently, the Fuente series contain Hop, Piper Fruit Extract, Arnica and Panax Ginseng which are highly effective ingredients to nourish healthy hair as well as care for the scalp, prevent hair loss and minimise gray.


Approaching my car to drive home, I noticed that a yoga class was in session and decided to take a peek. Instructor Lee Mun Choon was animatedly demonstrating one of the asanas (poses) and not wishing to disturb him, I left, making a mental note to return another day for a class.

Yoga classes are held both mornings and evenings five times a week.

Banyan certainly lives up to its slogan as a Wellness Destination.

Banyan Beauty
40 Raja DiHilir, 30350 Ipoh
Tel.: 05-2426866 or 012-5073866
Email: customercare@banyanspa.com.my
Website: www.banyanspa.com.my

Perfect Pampering at Banyan Spa


By See Foon Chan-Koppen

Penny & Gary

Keeping my nails in perfect condition is one of the few pampering treats to which I religiously give myself. No chipped polish or overgrown cuticles for me. Hence when I discovered that the Banyan Spa also provides nail services, I was overjoyed.

Having already been there twice and checked out their facial and body treatments, I know what an oasis of calm it is in this newly-opened spa. As I was sitting in the palatial manicure room in solo splendour, attended to by two therapists, one for hands and the other for feet, I had the time to talk to Penny Lai Pooi Kwan and her husband Gary Soh Kam Thong on how and why they started the Banyan.

Penny who is the MD with Gary as Advisor began to relate the tale of the Banyan Spa. Penny had always nurtured the secret ambition to own and run a spa and had spent many hours over a period of years, searching for the ideal location. In her own words Penny describes her quest, “From shop lots to empty plots of land, I had left no stone unturned looking at site after site around Ipoh town, looking for the most intimate and architecturally appropriate surroundings I could find for my dream spa and one-stop beauty adventure. When I came across the abandoned colonial house which is a priceless place due to its rich history, I couldn’t resist it. It was ‘love at first sight’ and I was instantly drawn to the setting. Now having spent more than RM2 million on building additional treatment rooms and refurbishment of the main mansion, I can be truly proud to welcome guests to Banyan Beauty, a world of wellness and beauty”.

Together with three other partners, Foo Mei Yen, Chew Seu Mun, and Lai Lee Leng, they have transformed this once deserted acre of land into a manicured landscape of tropical palms, water fountains, surrounding the century-old colonial mansion that has since been refurbished into the Banyan Spa.

Penny who single-handedly made all the interior design decisions and selections, has had a field day bringing her dreams to fruition while husband Gary has been busily putting together plans and packages to draw and introduce their concept to customers.

Their Banyan membership programme is now ready to be launched. Priced at RM388, the membership is valid for one year and includes one complimentary Curative Facial Treatment worth RM238 and one complimentary 5 Element Rejuvenating and Relaxing spa treatment worth RM168.

Additional card benefits are a 10% discount on all Facial, Spa and Slimming treatments, a 30% discount on all of the same during Birthday month and 2 months unlimited Yoga Sessions from date of application of membership. For those hesitant to join, Banyan offers reasonably priced single treatments like the 5 Element Spa treatment beginning at RM168 for 80 minutes as well as Trauma (Tui Na) massage for RM98 and Reflexology beginning at RM58 for 50 minutes to Reflexology and Head Massage for RM68.

Banyan Beauty
40 Raja DiHilir, 30350 Ipoh.  ♦  05-2426866 or 012-5073866
Email: customercare@banyanspa.com.my  ♦  Website: www.banyanspa.com.my

Banyan Spa Journey


By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

In the last issue, I wrote about discovering an oasis of calm in the heart of Ipoh at the newly-opened Banyan Spa on Jalan Raja DiHilir. Having waxed lyrical about the light therapy and lymphatic drainage for both face and body using the Biodraineur and the Chromapuncteur machines from Switzerland, I decided this time to opt for the low-tech Banyan Spa Journey coupled with a collagen treatment facial – pure total pampering with the human touch.


The Banyan Spa Journey uses Phyto 5 products which are based on the 5 elements of traditional Chinese Medicine: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, designed to restore the body’s holistic balance.

My treatment began with a full body Cymbopogon Citratus (lemon grass) Salt scrub to reduce cellulite and tone muscles. Lemon grass which is an antidepressant and a mood enhancer also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This was followed by a Full Body Clay Mask that was energetically balancing and moisturising.

I was then ushered into the steam room where the mask was allowed to do its further magic on the skin with the help of the steam to open up pores. From there, it was a hop into the adjoining Jacuzzi for the Algae-Essence Bath where a further infusion was given to the skin with algae concentrates, plankton and marine minerals in natural essential oils, to hydrate, mineralise and promote vital energy.

Feeling silky smooth and sparklingly vibrant, I was then soothed into a soporific state, with an aromatherapy massage under the magic fingers and hands of my therapist Rico.

Collin Collagen treatment

The Collin (a well-known range of professional beauty products from France) Collagen Facial Treatment came next; a series of lotions and potions to regenerate the skin and preserve its youthfulness (my, how we all need this) while boosting cell and tissue metabolism. This facial is all product-based and totally hands-on with no mechanical aids.


The Banyan Spa Journey which lasts for two hours is priced at RM368 for one session but special promotional packages are available. The ‘Sugar’ Package for example is RM1,188 for 6 spa

treatments (2 types, shorter duration) with 3 foot reflexology and 2 Trauma Massage sessions thrown in while the ‘Sago’ package offers 10 spa treatments (5 Cymbopogon Citratus – scrub, steam, Jacuzzi, full body aromatherapy;  and 5 Serenity de Paris – steam and aromatherapy) at RM2,688 with 5 reflexology, 3 trauma massage and one 5-element Facial included.

Facial packages are available for Collin at RM1,288  (normal RM1,530) for a mixture of 10 treatments plus two RM100 redemption cash vouchers; an exclusive package of more extensive treatments also with Collin at RM2,688 (normal RM3,208) for a mixture of 12 treatments plus five RM100 redemption vouchers. Finally the Phyto 5 package is available at RM1,888 (normal RM2,180) for 10 (2 types) treatments plus three RM100 redemption cash vouchers.

Next issue: Ownership, Membership and Other Services.

40 Jalan Raja DiHilir, 30350 Ipoh  ♦  05-2426866/012-5073866
♦  www.banyanspa.com.my

An Oasis of Calm in the Heart of Ipoh


By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

Ipohites can now escape to their own oasis of calm when the stress of coping with daily life becomes overwhelming. And they won’t have to go far to do that.

At the newly-opened Banyan spa right opposite Jalan Kelab Golf, a majestic colonial style house has been transformed into a haven of tranquility where a plethora of rejuvenating and relaxing treatments await. Being an avid spa enthusiast, I naturally had to ‘check it out’, which I did on a recent weekday. My personal lament in going for facial or body work has always been that I end up with dishevelled hair and occasionally chipped nails. Finally, I have found a one-stop shop for all my beauty treatments and sail out for dinner straight after if the occasion warrants it.

The Banyan has maximised its colonial architecture with its high ceilings to create an aura of quiet elegance. Soft music and the gentle scent of essential oils enveloped me as I was greeted on arrival and served lemon grass/ginger tea. I was then offered the menu which is a prolific affair offering everything from face, body to nail and hair treatments.

For my first visit and feeling somewhat under the weather having just recovered from a chest infection, I opted for the Chromatherapy combined with Lymphatic drainage. Offered under the name Phytobiodermie, it is a synthesis of light therapy and Lymphatic drainage used with energetic and natural essential oils all originating in Switzerland.

Chromatherapy, or light therapy, is a form of vibrational medicine that uses colour and full spectrum light on various parts of the body to balance the body’s electromagnetic field (known as the “human energy field” or “aura”). Quantum physics states that matter is not solid, but is made up of light energy. From our skin to our organs, we are made of light. Light is the language by which our cells speak to each other. Because the body is matter and energy, the unique Phytobiodermie method is based on the energetic principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) – the “Five Element Theory” (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water).

PHYTO 5, the products used in the treatment, are formulated with high-grade natural and energetic essential oils including minerals and vitamins, mixed in natural bases such as clay, algae and cereals. There is a full line of products for all skin conditions for face, scalp and body to rebalance and replenish our inner flow of “vital energy”.

My face and body treatment was carried out with the aid of the  Biodraineur which is designed to perform a highly effective Lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage, helps the lymphatic system function more efficiently by facilitating toxin removal and improving skin circulation. The result: healthier, glowing skin and a more beautiful complexion.

For my treatment it was coupled with a Chromapuncteur (light machine) to add the attributes of chromatherapy to those of the mechanical drainage in order to target all 5 fluids of TCM. The Biodraineur performs a high quality and fast drainage. The treatment is completely non-invasive and I was soon lulled into a soothing and relaxed sense of well being, occasionally even dropping off to sleep. Aesthetically, this produces a dramatically visible “lifting” effect and I have to admit that looking in the mirror after the treatment I was pleased to see a marked glow and was it my imagination(?) a mild lift to my facial lines.

Next issue:  Read about The Banyan Spa Journey

490 Raja DiHilir, Ipoh  ♦  Tel.: 05-2426866 or 012-5073866 ♦  www.banyanspa.com.my

Banyan Spa Opens Its Doors


A new beauty spa, catering to the needs of discerning Ipohites, has opened its doors to the public recently. Conspicuously located opposite Heritage Hotel along Jalan Raja DiHilir (formerly Jalan Tambun) it is considered an ideal one-stop centre for the beauty conscious.

Bayan Beauty Sdn Bhd was formally introduced to customers after a brief ceremony recently. Present to officiate at the event was Dato’ Hamidah Osman, executive councillor for women’s affairs and tourism. She had for company, Miss Malaysia 2008/2009, Soo Wincci and popular Malay singer and actress, Abby Abadi.

Gary Soh of Bayan Spa Sdn Bhd welcomed the VIPs and guests by extolling on the virtues of spas, dismissing the notion that they were only for the rich and famous. “A massage is a good way to relax and to rejuvenate. It’s a necessity rather than a luxury,” he said.

Dato’ Hamidah, in her opening remarks, praised Bayan Spa Sdn Bhd for opening an outlet in Ipoh. She hoped more would invest in wellness and beauty salons and spas in the city, as there was a demand for them. “After a tiring trip, visitors would want to pamper themselves,” she said. “The state government is willing to promote these centres.”

Managing Director, Penny Lai said that Bayan Spa’s uniqueness was its ambiance. “The kampong-like atmosphere provides customers maximum relaxation while their beauty needs are being attended to.”

As part of the promotion, the spa is offering VVIP membership to the first 30 successful applicants. They stand to enjoy VVIP treatment at a discounted price. For details on this and other promotions on offer readers can call Banyan Spa Sdn Bhd at 05-2426866.