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Bumi Puja for Crematorium


A Bumi Puja was recently performed at the Buntong Hindu Cemetery to build the new crematorium. This is a ceremony performed to inaugurate a new site for the construction of a building. According to Hindu beliefs, by performing this puja, the right energy and natural elements surrounding the site can be propitiated. This was carried out early in the morning which is considered most auspicious for this ceremony.

Bumi Puja for Crematorium

S. Nadesan, Assistant Secretary of Ipoh Hindu Devasthana Paripalana Sabah (IHDPS) said that the Perak State Government has given RM1.3 million for construction of the crematorium. However, he said that the total cost would be RM2 million and IHDPS has to raise the balance.

The crematorium is being purchased from China and would have three chambers and use diesel fuel. It is expected to be completed in eight months. It will incorporate the latest in cremating technology to ensure a clean and healthy environment. The site will have a new access road and ample space for a car park.

Nadesan said that IHDPS would be operating the crematorium on a non-profit basis as a service to the community. They are planning to charge RM400 per cremation. The amount collected would not cover the maintenance costs and IHDPS must bear the additional costs. It is planned to convert the existing cremation building into a columbarium.

With the construction of the crematorium, the contentious issue over cremation of Hindus would come to an end.