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OK TAK OK for Perak Schools


Soroptimist International Ipoh (SII) and Perak Women for Women (PWW) have teamed up to facilitate an educational programme called OK TAK OK with the approval of the Perak State Education Department and the various District Education Departments.

The workshops, targeted to educate primary 5 and 6 school children on sexual abuse and what is acceptable and unacceptable touch/behaviour from dangerous adults and what and where to get help, have been conducted recently at two school districts of S. Kinta (69 schools) and Kuala Kangsar (89 schools).

A total of 158 schools sent their school counselling teachers to attend the two workshops, held concurrently over two days in July, which was conducted by trained counsellors of Penang Women’s Centre for Change (WCC). These counsellors are then encouraged to conduct the workshops to their students on their return to their respective schools.

The very comprehensive programme, which is conducted using interactive VCDs and role plays, won the International Huright Award in Osaka in 2005 and may assist in alleviating and reducing the heinous crime of child sexual abuse which has risen to alarming proportions.

A conservative estimate puts the number of children having been made aware of potential sexual abuse at an impressive 20,000 just from the two workshops that were conducted. SII’s follow-up with the schools revealed that more than 50% of the schools whose counsellors attended the training, conducted the programme; giving SII the encouragement to continue with the current training structure with its cascading effect that is far-reaching and effective given the limited resources the committee has to work with. It is hoped that corporations and banks will come forward as sponsors which will enable SII to do more intensive follow-up sessions with some of the schools who have requested direct supervision of the programme.

For more information contact: SII President Kuan Khoo 012-5019250 email: khoosbb@yahoo.com.