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Come Giggle Nibble for the Lovable


Come Giggle Nibble for the Lovable2

In November 2012, Soroptimist International Ipoh (SI Ipoh), identified an area around Ipoh where underprivileged children from a problematic environment and some broken homes were seen loitering around aimlessly. They seemed easy prey to negative influences. Wanting to make a difference and a meaning in their lives, SI Ipoh set up the Edufun Centre manned by a retired school teacher, where children, aged 6 to 14 are encouraged to come and be helped in their education, social and moral values, besides providing them with nutrition.

In just one year of operation, there has been a marked improvement in these children. From being listless and apathetic, they now can’t wait to come to the Centre, are very eager to learn, have improved in their school grades, are polite and well-mannered and very lovable indeed!

Edufun is a non-racial, non-denominational and apolitical centre for any child who wants to be helped. In order to sustain this Edufun Centre, as well as other worthy projects, SI Ipoh are appealing to the people of Ipoh to support their efforts in enabling them to reach out and help the future generation become good and useful adults and citizens of our country.


To support this and many other activities, they are organising a fundraising dinner with the theme: Come Giggle, Nibble for the Lovable on Saturday November 30.

A fun evening of entertainment has been lined up with performances by the Instant Café Theatre featuring Jo Kukathas and Patrick Teoh and local guest artistes. Members of the public and companies wishing to expand their CSR outreach may purchase tables and or take advertisements in the souvenir programme for the event. Individual tickets are also available.

SI Ipoh committee
SI Ipoh committee

SI Ipoh is a branch of Soroptimist International, a worldwide organisation for women in management and the professions working through service projects to assist underprivileged women and children.

Projects they have undertaken include training and organising single mothers to do housecleaning work for income; facilitating full day seminars to train school counsellors on child sexual abuse. They have so far covered six districts in Perak, reaching about 500 schools and benefitting close to 100,000 school students from this OK Tak Ok informational seminar. Other projects involve medical health camps; a road survival programme on how to stay safe on the road from accidents, road bullies, con artists and many more; and raising awareness on “Stop violence against women”.


Soroptimist Ipoh – EDUFUN Centre


Soroptimist International Ipoh (SI Ipoh) has again launched another worthy project and service to the under-privileged community of Ipoh. Towards the end of 2012, SI Ipoh had the opening of its EDUFUN Learning Centre at the Bekor Flats in Taman Pertama, Buntong, Ipoh. There was an enthusiastic attendance of about 25 underprivileged children aged between 6 and 15.

Soroptimist Ipoh – EDUFUN CentreThe children, with their mothers, were warmly welcomed by the SI members of Ipoh with a sumptuous “high tea” and the children had a lot of fun joining in the games and singing and dancing sessions. The centre has since been open every day from Monday to Friday 2pm to 6pm. Most of these children are either non-school going, owing to various social and family problems, or are slow learners who certainly need help and guidance.

Despite the handicaps of coming from problematic families and low-income groups, these children show a keen interest in wanting to learn and better themselves. They are also very well behaved, polite, happy kids who love coming to the centre. One particular 10‑year-old girl told Ipoh Echo that she quickly finishes all her housework in the morning so that she can spend the whole afternoon at the centre doing her homework, playing educational games with other children, having singing and dancing sessions and afternoon tea of Milo and biscuits, which is a treat to them! This centre is also a healthy, happy, educational and fun outlet for them away from their problems at home.

The centre has currently employed a teacher to help out in the running of this programme. Every day, during the holidays the attendance was very encouraging with a minimum of 15 children or more who come to learn and play educational games. Now that school has started, the numbers have maintained, with more requests for acceptance of preschool kids. A slight improvement is already seen in some of these children in the short time of nurturing since its inception.

Volunteers who wish to help make a difference in the lives of these children and the community may contact:    Kuan 012-501 9250, Lanka 012-519 0189 or Jean 012‑588 2313.