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Ipoh Mali…Again


By James Gough

There is something about growing up in Ipoh that makes former residents of this town reminisce about their growing up years here so much so that they actually write books about their good old days, be it written or in cartoon format.

World renowned cartoonist Dato’ Lat is a classic example. His Town Boy book depicting his growing up years in Ipoh has etched an image of Ipoh Town which will enable future generations of Malaysians to know what the Ipoh of yesteryear was like.

Now another ex-Ipohite, Kumar Nagalingam, has jumped onto the bandwagon and has come out with his cartoon book “Ipoh Mali” of his growing-up years.

Kumar lived in Lim Garden and studied at Cator Avenue and Anderson schools. His father worked at the General Post Office when it was located at the back of the Town Hall while his grandmother lived in Buntong.

His drawings are during the 80s and feature his neighbourhood hawkers like the laddu, laksa and the bread man. He describes Buntong then as ‘the wild west of Ipoh’ and the Buntong Market as a joy where he would cycle with his dad for breakfast.

An interesting book that takes one back to the time during the 80s and the activities of the youth at that time.

Kumar, like so many Ipohites, now lives and works in KL and describes Lim Garden as “lacking young people except during the school holidays”.

The book came about by accident when he was doodling about his first trip to the barber after which he started compiling his experiences. He created the book solely for the purpose of keeping some of these memories alive.

Undoubtedly, Ipoh residents living in the area of Silibin in the 80s will easily relate to the drawings in this book.

The 117-page book is available at Mubarak bookstore in Ipoh, MPH and Popular bookstores nationwide and priced at RM15.