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Happy Bercham Residents


In mid-July residents at Lengkok Bercham Timur 4, Taman Pakatan Bercham voiced their annoyance over the dust being stirred up daily due to construction work being carried out at the retention pond on the road where they live.

The construction work being carried out is part of a RM422,000 flood mitigation project by MBI to alleviate the flood woes of the nearby housing estates of Taman Desa Impian, Taman Kinta Mas, Taman Syabas and Taman Syabas Baru.

The project which started in March was scheduled for completion by June. Due to the ongoing construction work, Lengkok Bercham Timur 4, was dusty daily and the residents voiced their impatience when the completion deadline was extended.


Bercham Councillor Ir David Lai Kong Phooi met with the residents, Karen Lee who runs the Minda Jaya Kindergarten as well as neighbours Gloria Christy and Seraphim Teresa, all residents on the road and committed to them that MBI would resurface the road by the fourth week of July in order to alleviate the dust problem.

To the joy of the residents, MBI went the extra mile and resurfaced the road the same week.


The flood mitigation project includes construction of box culverts to divert water to the retention pond and rubbish traps called Gross Pollutant Traps to filter out rubbish. Once completed, a 5-foot fence will close off the pond to prevent residents from throwing rubbish into the pond. The work includes cleaning the pond and its surroundings.happy bercham2


Proceeds Given to Charity


Proceeds Given to Charity

The recently-concluded 5th Ikenobo Ikebana Flower Arrangement Exhibition organised and held at the Ikenobo Malaysia Floral Art Centre, Ipoh attracted over a thousand visitors.

According to its president, Professor Too Sooi Keng, the charity corner set up during the exhibition successfully raised RM6900.

Proceeds from the charity sale were donated to the Yayasan Dialisis Pendidikan Akhlak Perak. The foundation’s executive secretary, Shim Foong Cheong, received the cheque at a simple ceremony on Thursday, August 1.

Flowers for the charity sale were donated by growers from Cameron Highlands.


New Animal Rescue Society for Ipoh


New Animal Rescue 1Animal Rescue Mission Society (ARMS) is a non-governmental organization which has managed to rescue and rehabilitate over 90 stray, abandoned and abused dogs in the city within five months. The rescue operations were started with a group of 10 dedicated volunteers and are still active up to this day. They strive to make Ipoh a stray-free city within the next five years. So far, 30 of these dogs have successfully found new owners and indeed, new lives.

ARMS’ objectives are to build a ‘NO KILL’ sanctuary to help stray domestic animals through adoption drives. They also want to establish a Bureau of Complaint and even for an Animal Police Department to ensure that the public may make reports on animal abuse, illegal breeding and selling, etc. They would also like to encourage the setting up of more government hospitals/clinics for animals to ensure that everybody can afford to treat, vaccinate, and neuter their pets and strays.

Founder S.S. Daniya said that the society has made good progress, despite the fact that it had only been started in February. They have set up a temporary shelter in Lahat for the rescued animals, which houses around 60 dogs. The shelter which was set up in May, only houses members of the canine population, as it does not have the necessary facilities to take in other animals.

However, Daniya claimed that the main problem faced by society currently was a lack of public awareness about the group and its activities. They do not have enough manpower to directly promote the society on a consistent basis. However, they have reached out to a number of Universities and corporations for assistance via Facebook.

New Animal Rescue 2

Daniya adds that the awareness is higher in other cities compared to Ipoh because there are many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that speak out for animal rights. She hopes to gain more publicity to change this.

Looking towards the future, Daniya outlined a number of plans for the society. There are plans to act as the official ‘dog catcher’ and pound for DBI that is well accepted and respected via handling of strays, rehabilitating and rehoming. They could assist the official bodies and the government in identifying and demolishing illegal breeding and trading of domestic and exotic animals. They would also like to establish a rescue team to clean up the streets of Ipoh. They aim to work closely with Independent Animal Rescuers in successfully operating the shelter and rehoming of animals.

“We are hoping to build a 2-acre sanctuary on the outskirts of the city to accommodate not only the canine population, but also cats, birds, and other animals that need help. To this end, we have been in contact with the Ipoh City Council (MBI) and the Menteri Besar’s office, the latter of which has responded favourably. Ipoh has incredible potential, as the people are very understanding and conscientious about the plight of animals. “All they need is food twice a day, and a place to stay and play.”

Members of the public who would like to find out more about the Animal Rescue Mission Society (ARMS) can visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/animalrescuemissionsociety. They can also call S.S. Daniya at 012-969 9194. Contributions in kind and cash are highly appreciated. For cash contributions, kindly bank in to Maybank Berhad under Pertubuhan Penyelamatan, Pemulihan Dan Perlindungan Haiwan Perak (ARMS) – 5082 8930 2659.

Susan Ho

Dulang Washers on the Kampar River



Dulang washers on the Kampar River-3

Dulang washers on the Kampar River-1Ipoh Echo was taken aback to see Dulang Washers at the Kampar River recently. Hoping for resurgence in tin mining, only to discover that they were just actors for an upcoming Chinese serial being produced by Media Corp Singapore Pte Ltd.

The crew were in Ipoh for two weeks in July and were doing shoots throughout the Kinta Valley at Gopeng, Papan, Jelapang and Ipoh.

Dulang washers on the Kampar River-2

According to one of the crew who declined to be named, he said that the 30-part Chinese serial, entitled ‘The Voyage’ is scheduled to be shown over Singapore Channel 8 in November.

The theme of the drama is set in the 1920s to 1930s and depicts the voyage of migrants from China coming to Nanyang (Malaya and Singapore) in search of their fortune.

A member of the production crew added that Ipoh and the Kinta Valley have lots of good shooting locations which were close to Ipoh town. This was convenient and made it easy to start shooting early in the day.

Besides Ipoh, filming was also done in Penang and some in China.


Arcus Senilis

Resident Consultant Ophthalmologist, Hospital Fatimah Ipoh
Dr S.S. Gill

Eye Health

Ipoh Echo’s EYE HEALTH series continues with Consultant Eye Surgeon Dr S.S. GILL talking to us about ARCUS SENILIS.

Arcus Senilis, (pronounced “ar-kus see-nil-is”) is a visible whitish-grey arc seen above and below the outer part of the cornea (clear dome shaped part of the eye). It is easily visible in some people and often mistakenly referred to as a cataract by layman. Arcus Senilis is also sometimes referred to as Corneal Arcus or Arcus Cornealis.

Eye Health – Arcus SenilisHOW DOES IT LOOK LIKE IN THE EYE?

Arcus Senilis affects the cornea of the eye. The cornea is the clear transparent dome shaped part of the eye, like the car windscreen. Arcus Senilis appears greyish or whitish over the peripheral part of the cornea. In the initial stages, it appears over the upper and lower part of the cornea. Later, this whitish-grey area on the corneal periphery eventually may become a complete ring around the cornea, making it appear as a white ring around the edge of the clear part of the eye.


Arcus senilis is often seen in the eyes of senior people. It’s caused by fat (lipid) deposits deep in the periphery of the normally clear cornea. Arcus senilis doesn’t affect vision but it does give the doctor a sign. Remember again, as highlighted (in previous issues of the Ipoh Echo) that our eyes are not isolated from things that are happening in our bodies including the effects of aging. It increases with age in both male and female. It however occurs more frequently in men.


Arcus Senilis is mainly an aged-related change, a sign of aging. However, it may be also seen in younger individuals. When it is seen in younger individuals, that is, those below the age of 50 years, it is important to look for dyslipidaemia (abnormal amount of lipids or fat in the blood) which is one of the risk factors for coronary heart disease. The formation of Arcus Senilis is more often seen in those having high serum LDL-cholesterol.

In other words, it is seen in aging individuals. The other link is when it occurs in younger people, that is, the association of high serum LDL-cholesterol in such individuals.


Arcus Senilis does not cause any problems with vision, so there is no need for any concern. You do not need to be running to see an eye doctor for this. It is a harmless condition for the eye.

The only thing that you will need to be concerned about is if you are younger than 50 years old and the Arcus Senilis is visible in your eye. In such instances, it would be wise to get a blood examination done to look for dyslipidaemia, remembering that dyslipidaemia has an association with heart disease.


Arcus Senilis requires no treatment because it does not cause vision problems. What would need to be looked into and treated is the dyslipidaemia if this is found to be abnormal in order to avoid cardiovascular risk. Arcus Senilis is only a sign – common in aging, to be concerned of only when seen in younger individuals. There is no treatment for arcus senilis by itself. If you are in doubt whether you have such a condition, do consult your local practitioner or eye doctor.

For more information, call Gill Eye Specialist Centre at Hospital Fatimah (05-545 5582) or email gilleyecentre@dr.com.

Ipoh City Fun Ride


Following the success of the Ipoh City Nite Ride in May, Ipoh City Council has decided to hold a similar event named Ipoh City Fun Ride on Sunday, September 15, with the Malaysian Interaction Culture Association as co-organiser.

Ipoh City fun ride

“The purpose is to promote Ipoh as a tourist destination. Participants can enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the route,” said mayor Dato’ Haji Roshidi Hashim during a soft launch ceremony held at the Ipoh City Council recently.

The cycling route covers 50 km, starting and ending at MBI Square (Dataran MBI). Participation fee is RM60 per person, goodies, spectacles and limited-edition jerseys await all participants.

Those interested can take part either individually or as a group. The group with the most number of entries can win RM1000, with the first and second runners-up getting RM500 and RM300, respectively.

Expected to draw up to 2000 contestants, the Ipoh City Fun Ride has already received enquiries from Singapore, Thailand and China.

Participants can register at the council’s lobby counter beginning Thursday, August 15. Registration ends on Sunday, September 8.


The Trees of Old Tenby Speak


The Trees of Old Tenby Speak

What about me? What will happen to us?

We’ve been here for hundreds of years, and brought joy to thousands of children.

Will the land be developed?

Will we be cut down to make way for big beautiful houses and buildings?

Conserve us, build around us, let future generations enjoy us.  We don’t take up too much space, please protect us!

Visit http://chn.ge/136dF7E to give your support, and let’s protect them for future generations.

KVSS MPO Music Camp Project at NASAM



KVSS MPO Music Camp Project at NASAM

The Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS)/Malaysian Philharmonic (MPO) Music Camp Project 2013 performed at the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) recently. About 25 stroke victims were present as MPO musicians Sun Yuan (viola), Steve Retallick (cello), Chia-Nan Hung and Martijn Noomen (violin) performed the String Quartet No.14 by Mozart.

KVSS, a non-profit organisation in collaboration with the MPO Outreach and Education Division, held the concert for NASAM and the Salvation Army Children’s Home as an effort to spread joy and musical knowledge to the less fortunate through music.

The Music camp project, was opened to members and interested musicians, which saw them having weekly rehearsals, a series of workshops, two outreach programmes, a chamber concert by the MPO musicians and culminated with the ‘Be Spirited Away’ concert on July 20 which played to a full house.

Designed to fine-tune the performing skills of musicians and to attract and recruit new members to increase the size of the Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra (KVWO) and the Perak Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO), the music camp was a huge success.

Susan Ho

Sharanagati – Absolute Surrender


A night of wonder and beauty in motion. Listening to the crystal clear vocals of O.S. Arun along with his team of live music accompaniments was a rare treat indeed.

When the lights dimmed, the audience excitedly waited with bated breath for the performance to begin. Sukanya Venugopal’s very expressive narration in English, only heightened the anticipation and was a welcomed inclusion, for those, who otherwise, may not have been able to understand or fully absorb the beauty of the night’s performance.

Sharanagati –  Absolute Surrender

The original choreography by P.T. Narendran, Leena Mohanty, O.S. Arun and Dheeraj Kumar Mohapatra gave the audience both a visual and aural feast as the dancers demonstrated their artistic talents in an engaging and playful manner. So encapsulating was the performance that everyone stayed glued to their seats in rapt attention, applauding enthusiastically. Even children attending the occasion were on their best behaviour, which is rather unusual for a local audience. This fact alone, speaks volumes for the night’s performance.

Exploring the beautiful Indian philosophical concept through the unique confluence of classical dance and music styles of Odissi and Bharatanatyam, the dancers drew the audience into their world of majestic traditions, grace and beauty. The lighting cast artful shadows of the dancers off the surrounding walls of the auditorium, and this further added to the surreal feeling, as the intricacy of each movement was skilfully executed. The gifted voice of O.S. Arun with its mellifluous, sonorous and fluent textures, made it possible for the audience to enjoy listening to a breathtaking range of pure and pristine melodic compositions. Such was the characteristic of his musical expressions that the audience didn’t really want to leave their seats, even during the short intermission.

The excitement just kept building upon itself right up to the end,  which  featured  a  magnificent final performance that truly merited a standing ovation.

With such world class performances, brought to the people of Ipoh, the Ipoh Fine Arts Society (IFAS) hopes that the rich traditions of the performing arts will inspire and encourage its young to be part of this rich heritage of traditional music and dance art forms. The IFAS is dedicated to encouraging and supporting artistes of the performing arts by covering a broad spectrum of classical, folk and contemporary arts, while striving to preserve the integrity of traditional dance and music in the community. Tapping into this jewel of diverse art forms, IFAS work tirelessly to help establish a vibrant rapport with the artistic community through its music workshops and cultural programs.

If the support shown is anything to go by, the people of Ipoh are ready and willing to be a part of this awesome journey.

Serena Mui

Family History in Ipoh


A two-day event of sharing Family History was held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 12, Lorong Cheah Cheang recently for residents of Ipoh.

Photos and lineage charts filled the walls. Banners inside and outside invited and welcomed all with an interest in genealogy. The Ipoh Family History Center was opened to help visitors enter their family information into the Family Tree, the new genealogy programme launched by Family Search, the Church’s genealogy site on the internet. Not only were people signed into Family Tree but they also recorded the names of their ancestors and then added photos and stories bringing their ancestors to life for all to read about.

Family History in Ipoh-2

Visitors were also able to watch several videos such as “Granite Mountain” and “Searching for Emma” which tells about the huge effort of the LDS Church to preserve records from around the world. These records are digitized, indexed and made available online to anyone regardless of nationality or creed. Family Search, the name of the organisation that collects, maintains and makes available these records, is a free service and is the largest depository of genealogy records in the world. Those interested can visit the website: familysearch.org.

Family History in Ipoh-1

The Ipoh Family History Center is open on Sundays from 1pm to 2pm and on Fridays from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. For further information call Loh at 016‑538 0121.