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The Exclusive Beverly Thompson


beverlyIpoh, for all its development that has been ongoing for several years now, still has that relaxed, easy going ambiance that many urbanites from Kuala Lumpur or Penang long for.

With the pace of property development picking up over the years  the sub-urban housing sprawl has spread throughout the Kinta Valley. This sprawl now stretches from Simpang Pulai in the South to Klebang in the North with Pengkalan in the West.

Nevertheless, despite all the progress that has enveloped Ipoh over the last five years and many a well-located plot has been quickly snapped up and developed by enterprising property developers, exclusive addresses located in choice locations are still available within the core of the city.

Well known developer, Kinta Real Estate, synonymous for developing quality properties and delivering on time, will be introducing 14 semi-detached units and 2 units of bungalows called the Beverly Thompson Residence.

Beverly Thompson Residence located at Jalan Tun Dr Ismail (formerly known as Thompson Road), is Ipoh’s exclusive, not to mention affluent address and lies lushly amidst a green and serene environment.

Its immediate neighbour is the Perak Turf Club while literally around the corner is the Sultan Abdul Aziz recreation ground, better referred to as the Polo Ground. Another green lung in close proximity is the Royal Perak Golf Club.

All units in the Beverly Thompson Residence are three storeys and each comes with five bedrooms complete with attached bathrooms.

Its other features include individual domestic lift system, 3-phase wiring, security alarm system, centralised hot water system, water booster pump system and home sauna system.

With a launch date scheduled for Christmas 2013, the 16 units are anticipated to be snapped up by discerning buyers seeking an exclusive address with all the mod cons of a prestigious development.


Total Units: 16 — Land Tenure: Freehold

 3 Storey Semi-Detached       : 14 units

Land Area                                : 3,676 sq ft (min) 5,970 sq ft (max)

Built-up Area                           : 5,394 sq ft

Price                                        : RM1.9 million and below.

3 Storey Bungalow                : 2 units

Land Area                                : 6,082 sq ft (min)  7,502 sq ft (max)

Built up area                           : 5,854 sq ft

Price                                        : RM2.6 million


The development is open for registration. For details contact:

Beverly Thompson Sdn Bhd
70 Jalan Raja Ekram,
30450 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05 242 1881.
Fax: 05 242 3399.   Website: kre.com.my
Contact persons:  Jane Poo or Michelle Law

About Kinta Real Estate

Kinta Real Estate, the developer of Beverly Thompson Residence is a well-known and established developer of over 10 years. Its developed properties include quality houses and high-end residential properties.

Its earliest development was 227 units of commercial and residential units at First Garden in 2003, Taman Silibin in 2006 and subsequently 189 commercial and residential units at Taman Bercham Idaman and Racing Circle both completed in 2009.

Its latest completed project was the Meru Desa Park comprising of 210 units of double storey terrace homes and 62 units of semi detached homes. Under the management of Kinta Real Estate Sdn Bhd, their current ongoing projects are The Majestic Ipoh, Meru Desa Park and Tin City.

No Place for Self-Interest




I find the staff of Tourism Perak a rather curious lot. They are there for a purpose but from my observations most are there for some self-serving reasons.

When duty requires them to mingle and make their customers, especially tourism industrial players, feel at ease, they prefer to mix among themselves instead. By doing so, they lose a golden opportunity to promote Perak and the services the agency could provide.

They pride themselves in wearing T-shirts with Tourism Perak logos emblazoned on them. But what is the use if the net result is zero? They ought to realise that the larger task ahead is to prepare the ground works for the coming Visit Malaysia Year 2014.

Knowledge is power and if one fails to share it with others the efforts of the state government and its hard-working crew will then go to waste.

The Executive Councillor for Tourism, Health and Culture, Nolee Ashilin Dato’ Mohammed Radzi is on the right track. She needs all the help she can muster to forge ahead. The councillor cannot do it alone without the support of her staff. And that is a fact.


They say we are wrong to cut our trees to plant oil palms




Over a period of a few decades around 1850, 95 per cent of the two million acres of Redwood forest in California were cut and destroyed. What kind of men would cut down these ancient irreplaceable giant trees? Each of them was over one thousand years old.

Oil palm smallholdings and plantations meet the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change which defines a forest as an area of 0.5 to one hectare having more than 30 per cent canopy cover and having a potential height of two to five metres. To accuse the industry in Malaysia and Indonesia of contributing to global warming is sheer nonsense. In fact oil palm trees just as with other forest species, produce oxygen for us to breathe and act to counter coal and oil emissions which are the major cause of global warming.

Environmental activist groups such as World Wildlife Fund, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace have launched many campaigns alleging that the expansion of oil palm plantations have destroyed forests, threatened endangered wildlife and robbed indigenous people of their land. Many of their arguments are not based on fact but are sensationalized from a small number of cases.

The anti-oil palm lobby in the west includes pro-soya bean and rapeseed groups who see oil palm as a major competitor and have recruited food lobbyists to play on fears of the health hazards of palm oil consumption. Together with environmental activists, these well-funded groups have created trade barriers to the global oil palm trade under the pretext of environmental activism.

In a fair contest amongst competing vegetable oils, palm oil will win hands down. The oil palm tree is the world’s most efficient oil crop because one can harvest five tonnes of oil per hectare. This is 10 times more productive than soya bean planted in the West, including United States and five times more productive than rapeseed, Europe’s main oil crop.

It is an undeniable fact that palm oil is the cheapest and most popular form of cooking oil for consumers, including many poor families in the west. Should trade barriers to benefit rapeseed farmers who are already heavily subsidised by the European Union (EU) government be successfully implemented, this will hurt consumers all over the world.

Also should alternatives to oil palm be grown, more land would be needed to produce an equivalent volume of oil to replace palm oil, resulting in more deforestation and problems for Mother Earth.

Finally, the western environmental activists’ campaign against oil palm plantation expansion, in the name of “saving rainforests”, is a violation of international norms and Malaysia’s and Indonesia’s sovereignty.

Koon Yew Yin

Leaning Tower




leaning tower (baljit gill)

A lamp post has been leaning precariously for a month now as of writing, and as usual we are just waiting for an accident to occur before any action is taken. The said area is on the way to the Lumut highway next to Taman Silibin. It appears that the local council again has turned a blind eye akin to Helen Keller’s famous quote: “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”.

Baljit Singh Gill

Nigerian Delegation Impressed


Nigerian Delegation Impressed

A Nigerian delegation consisting of government officials visited Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan (YBU) at its office in Greentown Square recently. The objective was to get acquainted with the various programmes undertaken by the foundation to improve the quality and standard of living of the underprivileged and the marginalised.

The team led by Abu Bakar Abu Rahman was briefed on the activities of the foundation by Yayasan Bina Upaya Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Ismail Saffian. The Nigerians were very impressed particularly with YBU’s microcredit scheme which has been actively pursued by the foundation since its inception in 2009.

Team leader, Abu Bakar reiterated his interest in formulating a similar programme for implementation back in Nigeria. “I find YBU’s microcredit programme very effective and also cost efficient,” he told reporters.

Besides micro-credit, programmes such as the giving away of food hampers, housing for the poor and the homeless, business-training courses and coaching for underprivileged students are also being considered.


Next Food Avenue @ Ipoh Parade


Musings on Food

By Wern Sze Gill and VWSL


Ipoh’s Newest Food Destination

Ipoh Parade, one of Ipoh’s largest shopping mall destinations, has been undergoing a series of renovations lately, and we are pleased to reveal that one of its recently completed phases has been its brand new, swanky food court. Named the Next Food Avenue, this food destination is apparently the first in the country that has two separate food courts side by side, one with pork-free selections, while the other, non-halal dishes. The Next Avenue group, which runs a few food courts of the same concept in the Klang Valley, has successfully sourced about 30 of Ipoh’s famous foods, placing them all under one roof. Currently featuring 18 stalls in the non-halal, and 12 in the pork-free section, the manager tells us there will be more opening up in the near future.

The concept of Next Food Avenue is not quite your typical food court layout where all the stalls occupy the periphery with tables and chairs set up in the centre for patrons. Here at Next Food Avenue, you will need to walk through the food court to view all the mouth-watering options as there are more stalls to be discovered around the back, smelling and looking better than the earlier dishes! It is self-service, so you will need to pay for your food at the stall and bring the dishes yourself to your table.

The overall quality and taste of both the pork-free and non-halal options are fair, but what stands out most is that you will be spoilt for choice with the sheer variety of options available. Plus dishes are very affordably priced as the ambience and cleanliness of Next Food Avenue is a class above other local food courts.


Pork-free Food Court

The twelve pork-free stalls have enough variety to suit everyone’s palate. From soup noodles to baked cheese rice, western snack food, nasi ayam and ayam percik, rojak and traditional fare like laksa, rendang and Chinese popiah made in different ways and chee cheong fun, one is spoilt for choice.

Next Food Avenue-2

Mee Bakso (RM4), an Indonesian beef noodle soup which comes with beef balls and beef patties or beef balls and slivers of beef. Mee Bakso Gabung – RM6. Get it from ‘Aneka Sup’. The familiar Sizzling Mee from the old food court sells for RM5.50 plus 50 sen extra with an egg. A must-try is the Udon Mee (RM7.50) from ‘K Seven Delicious’.

‘Ikan Bakar Kampung’ serves ikan pari and ikan kembong baked in tin foil with ladies fingers and limau kasturi. This ‘Selera Sutera Thai’ also has Nasi Goreng Thai (RM5.80) with lovely crispy ikan bilis on the side.

Next Food Avenue-1

For western and snack food lovers, ‘KJ Fusion’ has a Jumbo Hotdog on their menu and Cheese Baked Rice with chicken/fish (RM11.90) amongst other things, while ‘Pak Tuan Meatball’ has Roti John (RM7) with meatballs in a hotdog bun.

Next Food Avenue-3

There are numerous rice dishes starting with the usual chicken rice from the ‘Nasi Ayam’ stall and also Nasi Ayam Percik (RM5.80) from ‘Ayam Percik’.

The Rendang from ‘Rendang Tok Mak Nik’ is a must-try and the Asam Laksa Taiping from ‘Taiping Delicious’.

Non-halal Food Court

You can find a variety of Ipoh’s famous dishes here such as chicken beansprouts noodle, roast duck, chicken or pork rice, popiah, chee cheong fun, yeong tau foo, and more.  There are also other specialty dishes such as Hakka cuisine, Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese fare, and fusion food.

Next Food Avenue-4

Recommended to try:

Front part of the food court:

Chee Cheong Fun with mushroom sauce / plain (RM3.50), or with curry chicken (RM5.50). Additional fried yeong tau fu (from Ipoh’s famous ‘Big Tree foot’ at Jalan King) at 80 sen per piece.

Hakka Yam Abacus (RM6) from ‘Noah Hakka Food’ stall. Other traditional Hakka dishes: Hakka Lui Cha (RM5.50),  Hakka noodles (RM5.50), steam pork belly with yam or mui choy (pickled vegetables).

Next Food Avenue-6

Hot & Sour or Vinegar pig’s trotters with rice (RM7.90) and a wide selection of pork, chicken and fish dishes with rice (priced from RM5.90 to 6.90), plus various chinese soups at the first  stall on the right at the entrance.

Kampung chicken rice (RM6.00), Roasted duck rice (RM6), Roasted chicken rice (RM6), BBQ pork rice (RM7) and other roasted meat combinations from ‘Restoran B Jing’.  All worth trying.

Next Food Avenue-5

Back part of the food court:

Chicken porridge (RM5.50), Chicken with abalone porridge (RM6.50) from ‘Fa Fa Corner’

Chilli Pan Mee (RM6.80).  This is the authentic version with the poached egg, and the stall is a branch of ‘Lat-yat-lat’ which operates in Greentown Business Centre. Other signature dishes to try: Sarawak Hakka noodles (RM6.30), CEO noodles (RM6.80) and Kimchi Pan Mee (RM8.60).

It would be remiss of us not to recommend the Ipoh White Coffee (hot RM2 and cold RM2.50) – aromatic and not too sweet – a must-try. An added bonus is all prices are nett and there is no added tax.


City Hall Dreams




The Mayor of Ipoh City Hall must have the right facts before blaming and insulting residents for the filthy state of this city because there is evidence that these problems are due to neglect by City Hall.

During the past decade, residents have brought to the attention of City Hall the same problems they encounter daily. But for unknown reasons City Hall failed to upgrade the inefficient and inadequate essential services and allowed the state of the city to deteriorate. The easiest way out is to blame the residents and make broken promises of a cleaner city.

Recently, the Mayor mischievously stated he was unable to clean the city because residents could not be disciplined and refrained from throwing rubbish indiscriminately.

One of the important duties of the Mayor is the maintenance of cleanliness. He is held responsible and accountable if he fails to perform this task with commitment. All problems pertaining to cleanliness must be solved and not swept under the carpet. Is it so difficult to find  solutions to these problems? If he had investigated and analysed the thousands of reports lodged, the results would indicate most of these problems are created by his own staff, particularly the “illegal dumps”. This is to remind the Mayor of the assurance made on September 2012 of a cleaner Ipoh by the end of this year. After 13 months and a new management programme implemented, this assurance is another failure and as usual it is the fault of the residents. To cover up this failure and distract the attention of the residents, there are now plans to transform Ipoh into a sustainable and dynamic city by 2020, another mission impossible.

Despite failing to clean up the city for the Visit Perak Year 2012, the Mayor has again embarked on an impossible mission, grooming the city to regain its reputation as the cleanest in the country, ahead of Visit Malaysia 2014. The Mayor must be realistic. It is far beyond the capability of City Hall to achieve this target. He had admitted of not being able to clean the city because of indiscriminate dumping.

At present, drains in residential areas are cleaned once every few months and the large amount of rubbish are not collected for weeks or left permanently to rot on the road sides. The monthly collection of garden and other bulky rubbish is never on schedule and residents are forced to dump this rubbish wherever convenient. More dumps appear as the interval between each collection gets longer.

The trash collectors are also responsible for the illegal dumps. They are seen on their motorcycles heaping the bagged rubbish for collection by the dumpster. Spilled and damaged bags at these collection points are not their responsibility and soon become mini dumps.

Street sweeping in residential areas is no longer a service given by City Hall. Littering in the commercial areas will continue because there are very few litter bins. Pedestrians continue to lose rights as more businesses boldly display their wares on the pavement. The wet markets are just as dirty and congested. There is lax enforcement of law and order.

With such poor quality services, is it possible to maintain the city in an orderly and clean state? The four members of the state assembly and two members of parliament elected by the residents on promises to look after their interests have remained silent over the huge problem. City Councillors without executive powers, rely on the same lackadaisical MBI officers to resolve the similar complaints brought to their attention by residents. There were no zoning duties when the city was clean.

The mayor’s vision of a cleaner city was hampered by the lack of support and coordination from his senior officers and an inefficient workforce. Until such time that MBI is able to improve its services to a satisfactory level, City Hall should be very careful if it intends to blame the residents. The city would have been in a worse state if residents failed to cooperate. The state of the city is not solely due to littering but lack of commitment to develop Ipoh into an orderly spic and span city.

If City Hall is serious in cleaning up the city, it should cease all activities which does not benefit the residents. Set up a board of inquiry and take appropriate disciplinary action against all those who are responsible for this dirty state of the city.

Meanwhile, residents must wait patiently for the appointment of a Mayor of action and not words, to untangle the mess at City Hall.

City Guardian

Ipoh’s “Nightingales” Receive Awards


Ipoh’s “Nightingales” Receive Awards

Six prominent health-care societies in Ipoh were duly recognised for their services to the community. The Rotary Club of Greentown presented the societies with awards during a special ceremony held at Impiana Hotel, Ipoh on Monday, October 21.

One of the core values of Rotary Clubs worldwide, as highlighted by Sudhaharan, the club’s past president, is vocational service. Rotarians are required to share and contribute their skills and expertise, in whatever professions they are in, to meet the needs of the community.

A total of twelve awards, two to each organisation, were presented to caregivers of the Perak Palliative Care Society, National Stroke Association (M) Perak Branch, Perak Society for the Prevention of Mental Health, Dementia Society Perak, National Autism Society of Malaysia and Pusat Pemulihan Komuniti Buntong.

The awardees received certificates of appreciation and mementos for their dedication in caring for the sick, the infirmed and the terminally ill, including those who are recovering from life’s challenges. Members then gave these modern-day “Florence Nightingales” a standing ovation.


Come Giggle Nibble for the Lovable


Come Giggle Nibble for the Lovable2

In November 2012, Soroptimist International Ipoh (SI Ipoh), identified an area around Ipoh where underprivileged children from a problematic environment and some broken homes were seen loitering around aimlessly. They seemed easy prey to negative influences. Wanting to make a difference and a meaning in their lives, SI Ipoh set up the Edufun Centre manned by a retired school teacher, where children, aged 6 to 14 are encouraged to come and be helped in their education, social and moral values, besides providing them with nutrition.

In just one year of operation, there has been a marked improvement in these children. From being listless and apathetic, they now can’t wait to come to the Centre, are very eager to learn, have improved in their school grades, are polite and well-mannered and very lovable indeed!

Edufun is a non-racial, non-denominational and apolitical centre for any child who wants to be helped. In order to sustain this Edufun Centre, as well as other worthy projects, SI Ipoh are appealing to the people of Ipoh to support their efforts in enabling them to reach out and help the future generation become good and useful adults and citizens of our country.


To support this and many other activities, they are organising a fundraising dinner with the theme: Come Giggle, Nibble for the Lovable on Saturday November 30.

A fun evening of entertainment has been lined up with performances by the Instant Café Theatre featuring Jo Kukathas and Patrick Teoh and local guest artistes. Members of the public and companies wishing to expand their CSR outreach may purchase tables and or take advertisements in the souvenir programme for the event. Individual tickets are also available.

SI Ipoh committee
SI Ipoh committee

SI Ipoh is a branch of Soroptimist International, a worldwide organisation for women in management and the professions working through service projects to assist underprivileged women and children.

Projects they have undertaken include training and organising single mothers to do housecleaning work for income; facilitating full day seminars to train school counsellors on child sexual abuse. They have so far covered six districts in Perak, reaching about 500 schools and benefitting close to 100,000 school students from this OK Tak Ok informational seminar. Other projects involve medical health camps; a road survival programme on how to stay safe on the road from accidents, road bullies, con artists and many more; and raising awareness on “Stop violence against women”.


Boy Has Lucky Escape


Thinking Allowed

By Mariam Mokhtar


Boy has lucky escape - Mohd Amar Mohd AzizMohd Amar Mohd Aziz, a ten-year-old primary schoolboy from Sekolah Kebangsaan Belanga, in Parit had a lucky escape after being shot by a police sergeant on Monday October 14.

The incident happened around 4.30pm at Kampung Belanja Kiri when the policeman alleged that whilst cleaning his pistol in front of his in-laws’ house, a bullet was negligently discharged from the Walther P99 automatic, and hit Amar who was playing about 50 metres away.

The bullet entered beside Amar’s nose, and stopped at the back of his skull, near the bones at the nape of the neck (the cervical vertebrae). He was “lucky” because the bullet missed his spinal cord and the major blood vessels in the neck, by one centimetre.

Despite his injury, Amar was able to run home and alert members of his family to seek help. They first took him to a clinic in Parit, then the Batu Gajah Hospital where he was transferred to the Ipoh General Hospital. At the paediatric intensive care unit, he waited for specialists to operate and remove the bullet.

Hospital neurosurgeon Dr Cheang Chee Keong said that movement could damage the vital structures that were near the bullet and said that if Amar’s spinal cord had been hit, he could have been paralysed and damage to his voice box would have made him mute.

Hospital director, Dr Raja Lope Ahmad said that members of his medical team were in constant discussion with Amar’s family to advise them on the best option with the least risk.

On the morning of October 20, six days after the shooting incident, a team of six specialists took two hours to remove the bullet lodged in Amar’s neck. His relieved father, Mohd Azizi Abdullah said that on regaining consciousness, his son had asked for a glass of water. He said, “I am so glad that the doctors managed to conduct the operation and that my son is in a stable condition now.”

As a temporary precaution, Amar was placed in a neck brace as his neck bone had cracked from the impact of the bullet. Dr Cheang said that doctors would re-examine his neck after two months to see if further surgery was necessary, to stabilise his neck.

Amar may be on the road to recovery, but attention soon focused on the circumstances leading to the shooting. Initial reports indicate that the police sergeant was cleaning his weapon when it was fired. He was a deputy investigating officer with the Taiping police headquarters and he was on leave.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Leong Ah Kow said that the pistol and a magazine with 14 rounds of ammunition, which were seized after the incident, would help investigations, under Section 39 of the Firearms Act 1960. The policeman involved was detained, to assist with enquiries.

Angry citizens have expressed their outrage and concern about the incident and asked if the incident was a case of negligence, reckless abandon or bravado, by the policeman.

One man said, “Why did the policeman not surrender his gun, when he was on leave? Are there no Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)?” Another said, “If the policeman was negligent, then his superiors are also negligent. Both should be charged with dereliction of their duties.”

A former member of the armed forces said, “Safety procedures must be strictly adhered to. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Investigations should include his superiors, not just the suspect.”

A former policewoman said, “Disciplinary action should be taken against those who neglected their duties in ensuring strict adherence to SOP and the monitoring of firearms movement. This incident gives an insight into the missing firearms highlighted by the Auditor-General’s report.”

One cynic said, “I would not be surprised if there is no further action (NFA) in this case. After all, the Home Minister advocated a policy of “Shoot first, ask questions later”. Someone else said, “If there’s a blame, then there’s a claim.”

The NGO, Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) has recommended that the policeman should be suspended, whilst Dr Kok Chin Leong, the president of the Malaysian Paediatric Association said that a review of existing firearms laws and the enforcement of more stringent protocols and SOPs of firearms are necessary.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Initial news reports claimed that doctors had been informed that the child was hit by a bullet which ricocheted off the ground; however, witnesses allege that the shot had been fired in Amar’s direction. Moreover, a police source said that X-rays were not consistent with a bullet which had been deformed by striking the ground.

Perak police chief Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said, “We changed our angle of investigation after taking statements from witnesses. The policeman was on leave during the incident and we want to know why he was carrying his weapon when he wasn’t on duty.”

Indicating that the “straight-forward, non-complicated and non-tricky case” would soon be closed, he assured the public that the investigations would be conducted with transparency, and that the deputy public prosecutor’s office would receive their report. He did not want the public to think that policemen were unprofessional and behaving like they were not fully trained.