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Taman Kaya, Ipoh Garden East

Taman Kaya Street Party


Taman Kaya, Ipoh Garden EastResidents of Taman Kaya, Ipoh Garden East, who recently converted their housing estate into a guarded neighbourhood held a street party literally on the street where they live.

The party was a pot-luck party held on the 13th day of Chinese New Year and the party started with the tossing of yee sang by the women and children of the neighbourhood.

Before the start of dinner residents were seen gaily walking round the neighbourhood in a manner reminiscent of a street scene at new villages in years gone by.

Taman Kaya was turned into a guarded neighbourhood on January 15 this year (see page 3 editorial). It is located at a corner of Ipoh Garden East and is bordered by the north-south highway, Taman Perak and Taman Ipoh Timur. The area is secured with four main gates and three back-lane gates. The entrance in and out is via Hala Perajurit 1 where the guardhouse is located.

Taman Kaya, like most housing estates, has been experiencing bouts of crime with house break-ins, snatch theft and car windscreens being broken indiscriminately. With the introduction of the guarded neighbourhood, “since 15 January there has not been a single incident of crime in the neighbourhood. Furthermore, this is the first time in 16 years where not a single crime was committed one week before Chinese New Year,” trumpeted Augustine Anthony, Chairman of Taman Kaya Residents Committee.

Meanwhile, a check with Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim revealed that action would be taken against the committee on two issues. One issue involved the guardhouse as there was no application to build a guardhouse. The other issue is related to complaints from other residents about “no traffic thoroughfare due to the erection of barriers.”

Taman Kaya, Ipoh Garden EastRoshidi acknowledged that ‘notice has been sent to the Residents Committee. We will give the committee 15 days to make submissions before we take action’. Roshidi added that the ‘residents’ initiative is good due to safety concerns but no matter what, the residents must follow the law.

Hopefully all issues can be resolved amicably for a win-win solution by all parties.


“We Want Zero Crime”


Residents of Ipoh Garden East gathered peacefully on the morning of October 8 to send a message to the Police that they are concerned about the spate of crime in their neighborhood and “want zero crime”.

Ipoh Garden East is made up of four housing estates, Taman Kaya, Perak, Kemuncak and Ipoh Garden East, and has over 700 households within its perimeter.

The residents here have experienced house break-ins with their family members being tied up, snatch theft and “in the last two weeks six cars were smashed just in Taman Kaya itself,” said lawyer Augustine Anthony one of the unfortunate residents whose car was smashed. Augustine was also a spokesman for the gathering.

State Assemblyman for Canning, Wong Kah Woh, who also resides here, said “crime is a real problem in the area and hoped that the Police would take the necessary action.”

Wong added that the residents would like to have an open dialogue with the OCPD to express their concerns for the safety of their family members and suggested that possibly the residents themselves could partner with the Police to prevent crime in their neighborhood. Wong also stated that he had raised this “concern about crime” during the recent state assembly sitting.

Wong also reminded the residents gathered that morning to always make a police report of any crime incident.

When asked why victims were reluctant to make police report, Augustine explained that, “victims who did make reports claimed the bureaucratic process, when making the report, was very long.” He gave the example of residents making their reports at Bercham Police Station after which they had to go to IPD Ipoh to meet with the Investigating Officer. “That whole process could take up to half the day.”

The morning gathering however, ended on a positive note when Wong received an SMS from Perak Chief Police Officer Dato’ Mohd Shukri Dahalan that “he would get the facts for the area and is committed to dialogue with the residents at a date to be determined later.”

Meantime, a “loose committee” has been set up and residents wishing to get updates on the group’s activities can log onto their facebook page “Yes, We Can”.

Residents who want to report any suspicious activity in their area are advised to call IPD Ipoh Police District at: 05-254 2222 or 05-245 1562 and provide the address.


MBI Requested To Review Traffic Flow


Residents in Taman Kaya and Taman Perak, which are  located at Ipoh Garden East, want the city council to review the traffic flow going in their respective neighborhoods: specifically into Persiaran Perajurit 5 and Persiaran Perajurit 3.

At a meeting organized by State Assemblyman for Canning Wong Kah Woh , they claimed that road improvement work completed under the flyover joining Jalan Belibis going into Jalan Perajurit earlier this year has caused much inconvenience to the residents there.

They complained of traffic jams at peak hours and delays turning into their respective Taman since not being able to turn into Persiaran Perajurit 3 due to the island erected there this year.

Residents’ representative Lee Chee Seng said 150 signatures have been obtained from the affected residents and would be forwarded to the Mayor.

Wong stated that he would meet with the Mayor for a review of the traffic flow. He is of the opinion that the PLUS underpass should be widened as it is the cause for the bottleneck and traffic congestion during peak hours. He gave the example of the widened under pass at Tambun Road before Tambun town. “Due to the growing property development eastward such as Bandar Baru Tambun, Sunway and also the Haven, expanding the underpass is a long-term solution which will benefit all residents,” said Wong.




The signboard in Ipoh Garden East in Bahasa Malaysia “Taman Ipoh Timur” has been neglected for over 10 years or so. It has been an eyesore and the authorities concerned have no eyes for it. Is it so difficult to replace a new one?

Apart from this, whenever it rains heavily, Jalan Perajurit, at the junction is always flooded and traffic to Ipoh Garden East comes to a standstill. I believe it is due to the drainage system. Although the authorities did try to remedy the situation, the problem is still there.

Motorists driving at night going towards Ipoh Garden East via the bypass at Jalan Perajurit will have to drive very slowly because it is dark. To solve this, more lights have to be fixed. I hope the authorities will act fast before a tragedy happens.

Give the residents some peace!

K. Letchimanan
1 June 2010

CNY Back-Street Party

The Back-Street-Party Boys – spokesman James Kennedy is in red

We often hear about “street party”, what about back-street party? If you haven’t, you will soon.

Four pubs – Sugar, BaBerry, Grays and Barroom, which operate from the end units of their block and share a common lane in Ipoh Garden East, are pooling their resources to organise one during the Chinese New Year season.

The back-street party will be on for four days starting tomorrow, the eve of Chinese New Year. Each night, there will be two DJs to entertain the patrons.

Spokesman for the group, James Kennedy, said that the back-street party location would not hinder street traffic and should give their customers an alternative setting to usher in the Year of the Tiger.

Ipoh Garden East is the party hub in the city and often packed during festivals and eve of public holidays.