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Ang Mo Kio Secondary School (Singapore) Visits Ipoh International School


In December 2009, 14 boys and 11 girls accompanied by their teachers from Ang Mo Kio Secondary School (AMKSS), Singapore, arrived in Ipoh International School (IIS) for a 3-day visit.

Their objective was to play as much soccer as possible as well as learning about Ipoh’s cultural, historical and economic background. The visitors were hosted by the IIS Soccer Team and staff members.

Any trip to Malaysia would not be complete without a visit to the pasar malam (night market) so that was their first destination upon arrival. Early next morning, a visit to the Green Ridge in Kampar, a Second World War’s battle site was organised. Not only did the students receive first-hand information from war historian, Mr. Chye Kooi Loong, they also had a good workout hiking around the area.

Later in the morning, the visitors headed back to Ipoh for a Heritage Walk led by Mr. Ian Anderson, Director of IpohWorld, a project that records and archives historical data centred on the Kinta Valley. The Singapore students were introduced to a different perspective of Ipoh and they agreed that it was better than the normal tourist tour. They were aptly rewarded with some white coffee and Ipoh ‘hor fun’ for lunch after the walk.

Ice Cream Factory

In the afternoon, it was the IIS students’ turn to show their Singapore friends around their school and also give a briefing on the history and background of it followed by a series of soccer matches between the two schools. The trip ended with a visit to the Wonderful ice-cream factory in Ipoh before they headed south for home.

On their way back, the Singaporeans also visited Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park for a couple of football matches with the boys and girls teams. The AMKSS team enjoyed their bus journey back to Singapore as victors and contented visitors.

It is enriching for students of Tenby Schools to have an opportunity to interact with a wider community. Being able to host or even travel to other schools within, and outside of, Malaysia is a much-looked-forward to occasion for all and the schools welcome more programmes of such nature in the future.