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Banyan Spa with Jon Canas


Beauty is Health made Visible. This is the cornerstone of the Phyto 5 skin care range. Beauty has always been a highly prized element, and almost everyone, man or woman, lives life in pursuit of staying everlastingly beautiful.

The wellness seminar held at the Banyan Spa recently was not just another seminar promoting beauty and health. The skin care line called Phyto 5 is unique and certainly proves to be a product range that can deliver what it promises.

Passionate about the Phyto 5 skin care line, its founder Jon Canas explained the unique method used, which is based on the energetic principles of traditional Chinese medicine called Phytobiodermie. Natural ingredient products coupled with energetic tools provide a progressive, holistic and non-invasive way of creating inner wellness and beauty, hence the ‘Beauty is Health made Visible’ result.

Banyan Spa with Jon Canas

Banyan Spa is dedicated to ensuring its customers are given only the very best there is to offer. I had the pleasure of indulging in just such a therapy session. The session started with a Zen Body Exfoliating Scrub massage, which consisted of tiny non-invasive natural granules from Bamboo and Lotus. The Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter along with the Ylang-Ylang and Guaiac Wood essential oils added to the luxurious feel of the experience. Then my skin was treated to a hydrating milk and full body clay mask. The skillfully done massage coupled with such lovely and relaxing concoctions helped my body to de-stress almost immediately.

A 20-minute steam bath further cleansed and rejuvenated my skin while at the same time enhanced the detoxification process. By now almost all the kinks in my neck and back had melted away, leaving my muscles relaxed and my blood circulation improved. Then came the next wonderful surprise, the 5-element bath oils soak in the Jacuzzi. It was so relaxing that I actually dozed off and floated away to dreamland. Just when I thought my pleasurable experience was about to come to an end (as by now I was already about one and a half hours into the session), my body was treated to another luxurious aromatherapy massage. This Banyan signature Full Body Aromatherapy Massage is designed to incorporate a massage technique that will bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

All in all, it was a session I would rate with two thumbs up or more if I had more thumbs.

The experience of going through the different steps within the Phyto 5 range, left me completely happy with the results as I, looked and felt better, right from the first experience. Banyan Spa offers wellness and beauty treatments of Phyto 5 by working on vital energy without risks, thus making it the ideal treatment that has the potential to bring out the very best results.

Visit the Banyan Spa today if you want to stay healthy and beautiful, as you embark on a journey where Phyto 5 can give you the promise of ‘Beauty is Health made Visible’.

Serena Mui