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140 Buildings for Preservation


The city council has identified 140 buildings throughout Ipoh to be preserved as heritage buildings and has indicated them in the Ipoh 2020 Draft Plan. Of these, 120 of the buildings have been listed in the National Heritage Act 2005 to be gazetted for preservation.

This was disclosed at the council’s full board meeting on June 3.  Among the buildings are the theatre, railway station and post-office in Chemor, police station in Lahat and St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Ipoh.

Regarding old buildings where owners have requested to rebuild, the city council will approve. However, the rebuilt building must bear a neo-classical appearance to align the image and identity with the neighbouring buildings adjoining it.

Mayor Datuk Roshidi with new Councillor Chan Soo Yip

On tourism, the city council has proposed three Heritage Trails for the Old Town Sector. They are the 2.5-km Tin Trail, 4-km Old Town Train and 14-km Tin City Tour.

The proposal was indicated in the Ipoh 2020 Local Draft Plan and has been forwarded to the

State Planning Committee for approval and implementation.

At a press conference after the meeting Mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim announced that the city council has purchased a bus which will be emblazoned with the words “Visit Perak Year 2012”. The bus is to be used for the council’s road-show to create awareness of the year-long event next year.

Roshidi also announced that two new hotels, MH Tower and Ipoh Riverfront Hotel, would be opened before the end of the year ahead of ‘Visit Perak Year 2012’. “Overall Ipoh City Council is ready for next year.”

A new councillor, Chan Soon Yip was appointed for Zone 1 (Kanthan/ Chemor/ Klebang). Chan takes over from Cheng Wee Meng who resigned from his post in April. Chan, 27, is a graduate in Economic Management from USM Penang, and is a member of MCA Tanah Hitam branch.